Saturday, October 14, 2006

Chain of fools: "Kindness Revolution" or Animal Rights tool? Best Friends is just another link in the chain Anyone else see the September/October issue of Best Friends magazine? Best Friends says its going on the offensive against "dangerous dogs." And, sure enough, they're going down the same sorry path PeTA and HSUS blazed for them. Despite reassuring statements that "the problem is not an entire breed of dogs", the current Best Friends magazine prominently features a photo of a Rottweiler at the same time BF "acknowledges that there are dangerous breeds". Their position is based on their theory that "aggressive tendencies have now been bred into their genes" (sic). First of all, just what the hell is that supposed to mean? If there are "dangerous" breeds, then Best Friends is saying that the problem is the entire breed. A breed that's dangerous is a problem, isn't it? The Kory Nelsons of the world sure won't have any trouble deciphering that little bit of double-talk. So cut the crap. But the "aggressive tendencies have now been bred into their genes" line sounds so much like. . .California's infamous SB 861. Democratic State Senator Jackie Speier opportunistically teamed up with the Animal Rights lobby to roll back California's prohibition on breed profiling and allow localities to restrict the breeding of certain types and breeds of dog. SB 861 held that irresponsible breeding of animals contributes to the production of defective animals that present a public safety risk. Enactment of the Speier bill promptly led to the forced sterilization of all kinds of "pit bulls" in the Golden State -- and "pit bull" is a pretty flexible term there. It includes purebred Miniature Bull Terriers in some places. Using the provisions of SB 861, San Francisco quickly enacted an ordinance forcing pit bull owners to sterilize their dogs unless they fit a ridiculous set of criteria. It also makes the city's Animal Control department the ultimate authority on which "pit bulls"--if any--may be bred. Again: Animal Control gets to pick which dogs get bred. They don't like you? They don't like your dog? Tough luck. Sounds like they're getting closer and closer to Wayne Pacelle's "one generation and we're out" dream of ending ownership of domestic animals in California, doesn't it? And as for Jackie? Too bad, so sad. Jackie Speier wasn't re-elected. She was just a link in the Animal Rights chain. Following the European model The September/October Best Friends magazine also explains that it should be criminal to breed aggression into the genes of dogs, whatever that means. Best Friends says they want to penalize the breeders of aggressive dogs, rather than the dogs themselves. Such programs have worked well in Europe, they tells us. Oh really? Here's a clue, Best Friends: Europe is a crazy quilt of discriminatory breed specific measures, outright bans on some breeds and severe restrictions making it impossible to breed others, forced microchipping provisions, and useless political finger pointing. Almost every European country bans some other country's dogs. Ireland bans some English dogs. England bans some Japanese dogs. Portugal and Poland ban some German dogs, and Germany and Spain regulate some English dogs. Holland bans some Italian dogs. Just about every country in Europe bans American pit bull terriers. And Italy? Well, Italy considers forty breeds of dog dangerous. Its all politics. It goes on and on, and still "dog attack" stories make headlines in European papers. Sound like a plan? Maybe if you want to end dog ownership it does. What would Aretha say? With its $20,000,000 annual income, Best Friends can buy themselves as many political operatives like Joe Trippi as they need. They can buy themselves access to the Katie Courics and Inside Editions of the world, and stream docudrama-style videos all day every day. Politicians crave a little slice of heaven And politicians know it. In fact, they want a piece of the action. What's warmer and fuzzier than a basket full of puppies, right? What a way to prop up a sagging image! Its gotta be right up there with kissing babies. They're hoping an association with outfits like Best Friends will bring them votes and the money trusting constituents keep shelling out. Too bad they don't bother with the fine print. Best Friends won't admit it, but their 3 point plan actually promotes breed profiling, negative stereotyping, and forced sterilizations. And constituents don't really like that. Just ask Jackie Speier. Best Friends is another link in the Animal Rights chain. Forget the "kind revolution" rhetoric. Forget the slick media blitz. There's nothing kind about the revolution Best Friends has on offer.


Anonymous said...

BF doing good. That's a classic case of uneducated people. How is it that BF has maintained 1500 animals at their sanctuary for years? Where are all the other animals they say they have saved? What about that huge, beautifully landscaped 'pet cemetary' they have? What about Michael Mountain's past Process Church days including sacrificies of animals and his recent comment that he was 'looking forward to going back to the old ways?' Don't you find it odd that he and Ingrid Newkirk do not get along? Could be Ingrid knows something we don't, but I tend to think she does not like anybody cutting into her profits. These people are all terrorists. They terrorize the people of this country and their rights. Perhaps Michael and Ingrid should get together ... after all H$U$ merged with DDAL. Now there would be a fight to watch on pay per view - H$U$ & DDAL vs BF and PeTA. Toss in Dogs Deserve Better - they can keep going around and stealing dogs from people while the big boys are at war. Let's not forget good old Nancy Alexander. One of Florida's "finest"...recipients of PETA and ALF awards for her contributions to animals. HA. Contributions to politicians is more like it. I find it funny that she got such a huge settlement in her divorce from Houston Rockets owner Les Alexander, but it seems to me that she still keeps her hand on the old woody. How's it feel, Les? Can't you think for yourself or is Nancy cutting off the circulation to your "brain?"

Sick Of Lies said...

Best Friends, as it turns out, seems to be nothing more that a big, greens (as in cashola) marketing machine, raking in the bucks.

It turns out they are dumping Katrina dogs they "rescued" - saying they are out of room - ha ha ha - while at the same time they are making headlines, not to mention a new stream of revenue, by flying in dogs from Lebanon.

What's up with that? Maybe those Katrina dogs have used up their revenue-generating appeal.

Best Friends makes me sick.