Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Dems hate dogs, love profiling Louisville Dems are profiling us because of our dogs Negative stereotyping of dog owners: business as usual for Democrats in Louisville. Just what the hell is the Democratic Party thinking? Is the dog owner equivalent of "driving while black" now official Democratic Party policy? While Republican members of the Louisville City Council stand up for the civil rights of law-abiding and caring dog owners, Dems seem too busy snuggling up to the Humane Society of the United States' bank account to notice that they are pissing off their own core constituency. Forget sticking up for the little guy! Cuddle up to special interests instead? Dems are whizzing in their own cornflakes ! Let me spell it out for Councilwoman Cheri Bryant Hamilton, sponsor of the 100+ page long Louisville dog ordinance proposal that would enable authorities to profile dog owners based on what their dog looks like. And as of the last round of revisions, also. . . Make it almost impossible for the owners of hunting dogs to participate in trials. Prohibit veterinarians from treating sick or injured dogs if the dogs aren't licensed. Prohibit people from finding new homes for dogs they can't keep. And more. Much, much, more. A recent opinion survey conducted by My Dog Votes found overwhelming opposition to dog-breed based profiling among registered voters. In fact, 92.9% of respondents reported that they would cross party lines in a local or state election to preserve their right to own the dog of their choice. So take a good look at your constituency, Cheri. I bet at least 45% of them own a dog. And I know they don't support negative stereotypes like the drug dealing, gangbanging, urban thug Pam Rogers of the Humane Society of the United States used to scare legislators into supporting your proposal. Hero of the Day: Republican Metro Louisville City Councilmember James Peden Maybe its his background as a teacher and student of history. I don't know. But when it comes to civil rights, James Peden, accompanied by his fellow Republicans, is eating the lunch of Metro Louisville City Council Dems. Councilmember Peden gets it: Discrimination is wrong. Its just plain wrong. And a 100+ page long dog ordinance that makes owning a dog more complicated, more onerous, and subject to more restrictions than operating a day care center, is ridiculous. Its no substitute for reasonable and fair laws for everyone. No matter what HSUS's Pam Rogers says. Democratic Party politics leave dog owners out in the cold The Louisville Courier reports: "Democrats forced the vote over the objection of Republicans, who wanted to continue talking about the ordinance at a future committee meeting. . .But the Democrats, who hold a 4-3 advantage on the committee, blocked an effort to table the measure and then passed it on a party-line vote. Peden said he expects his GOP colleagues to try to send the measure back to committee when the council meets next Tuesday. Short of that, he said they will try to amend the legislation on the floor of the council chamber. " Boots are made for walking

Former Clinton advisor on domestic policy Bruce Reed got it in a heartbeat.

His November 16 piece in Slate Magazine explained that the demographic reached by the My Dog Votes survey was--listen up, Metro Louisville City Council Democrats, cause this is important--the group that put you in office.

The My Dog Votes survey respondents were primarily middle-class women between the ages of 25 - 54, representing an almost even split of political party affiliations. Most viewed themselves as moderates, regardless of political affiliation.

Do I have your attention yet, Cheri? Still think that discriminating against parts of your own constituency is such a hot idea?

Louisville: Take it to the steps of City Hall.

I mean it. Take your dogs. Take your kids. Take your sleeping bags. Light candles. Make posters. Do it NOW.

And let's not kid ourselves. Its not just Louisville dog owners in trouble here. This 100+ page long, animal rights-inspired train-wreck of an ordinance is a problem looming on the horizon for all of us, wherever we live.

Don't live in Louisville? Write to the members of the City Council and let them know you don't support the politics of scape-goating and discrimination.

Lend a hand, everyone. Do it today.

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Dog Luvin Dem said...

Once again, BDS, you are right on the money. Louisville Dems better wake up and smell the dog before the dog crosses the party line. Are you listening Jerry & Cheri??????