Friday, April 20, 2007

Does Lloyd Levine think California dog owners are stupid? Too stupid to make good decisions about their dogs? Under Levine's AB 1634, all California dogs get the knife Those gonads have got to go. Under Democrat Lloyd Levine's master plan mandating sterilization of all dogs over four months of age in the state of California, people with intact dogs don't have a prayer. Their ability to make veterinary care decisions about the animals they live with is going to be excised with a scalpel. The Animal Council calculates that the Levine plan will require the re-write of 536 municipal and county animal control ordinances, leaving dog owners and enforcement personnel alike scrambling to comprehend the new regulations. Demon rum, cocaine, and dogs: Is there a connection? In Lloyd Levine's mind, there sure is. Levine justified his proposal by expressing obstinate faith in a legislative concept that has failed, over and over again. The leaky faucet thing. Again. "This legislation will be the equivalent of turning off the spigot on a leaky pipe,” said Assembly member Lloyd Levine (D-Van Nuys). “If you’ve got water leaking into your basement, you can bail all you want, you can get buckets and friends with buckets, but until you turn off the pipe, you’re going to continue having water leaking into the basement." Yeah. Right. Just like Prohibition fixed alcoholism . Not. Unforeseen consequences What everyone but Lloyd Levine remembers from high school is that Prohibition promoted organized crime and the increased use of cocaine and opium. It cost boatloads of money, and accomplished nothing. Substance abuse rampages on. Want to discuss the war on drugs, anyone? Where demand exists, supply follows. A mass castration of responsibly owned dogs will not break the cycle of impulsively-purchased puppies that are later surrendered to shelters, and shelter populations are already falling fast in California. Inhumanely transported, sickly, very young puppies from Mexico and elsewhere are already a serious problem in California. Will the problem grow, following implementation of AB 1634? "Compassionate choices" in the Golden State Levine's recent press release promotes his empathy for those facing difficult end-of-life scenarios and his support of their ability to make decisions for themselves. Lloyd Levine is pro-choice, in a pro-choice state. In fact, the Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California gave him a "100%" thumbs up rating. So why the hell does Levine think its okay to interfere with people making veterinary care decisions about their dogs and cats? I'm not getting Lloyd Levine, and I'm not alone. The blogosphere war cry? Lloyd Levine, call your office. Democrats and Nanny-state Nonsense: the downside of smug elitism "Democrats who control the [California] Legislature are more eager than ever to micromanage our lives, in the smug and elitist certainty that most people are too dumb to do what's best for them. . ." Smug and elitist? Absolutely. But is Levine's mandatory sterilization plan "micromanagement"? Or is it way too much involvement in the civil liberties of law abiding citizens? Maybe Lloyd doesn't see much of a difference. "I guess the government is trying to be the nanny, or the parent, or the supervisor," acknowledged Assemblyman Lloyd Levine ... . "And you know what? Sometimes the nanny is right, sometimes the parents are right — oftentimes the parents are right." With all of the requirements, regulations and fees placed on the owners of intact dogs, AB 1634 will make it almost impossible to own a dog in the state of California without agreeing to have it surgically sterilized at four months of age. So what does that mean? It means no more small, hobby breeders in California. They won't be able to function with AB 1634 in place. No more hunting dogs, and no more true working dogs. Those dogs are typically intact, and bred by their owners. Dogs with special skills will be mostly gone within a generation, leaving only sterile pets in the state of California. Dog breeding will become the exclusive domain of large-scale commercial breeders that can afford to invest in the many permits and fees AB 1634 will require. Run, Lloyd, run! What makes Lloyd Levine run? He's term limited, but something tells me he's got a plan for his future. He's young, he's ambitious, and he's a career politician. What makes him think that such a draconian, useless proposal--one that strips civil liberties from law-abiding citizens--is acceptable? Is this where the Democratic Party is headed? Let's hope not. There's room for all kinds of dogs and dog owners in the Golden State, because California really is a place where the freedom of choice matters. Lloyd Levine, don't bother with calling your office. Call your constituents.

They want to know why you think they're not smart enough to make decisions about their own dogs.

Call, Lloyd, call!

Or just keep running. And hope you've got enough speed.


donnasue jacobi said...

i think we should neuter Lloyd Levine - see how it likes a state mandate that he's too stupid to be bred!

Velma said...

I Thinks that sounds like a good Idea that way we wouldn't have to put up with more stupid people like him being reproduced.Instead of neutering our pets I think that people that don't desereve to have children should be fixed it makes better since. and I also think we have let the government go far enought on telling us what we can and cannot do. This is America a free country. But if we are not careful the Democrates and people like Lloyd Levine it won't be free much longer.

Anonymous said...

Law abiding citizen try hard to conform to all the new laws, but it's getting harder and harder to keep up with them all. Before long just about anything you do will border on breaking some law some of the free...justice and liberty for all...or atleast I thought. What is freedom? I am confused and I bet alot of people are becoming confused about the definition of the word.

It's a big joke, a game and we are all getting played! They say we are free but just you make sure you jump through all their hoops....or you won't be free for long.

This is the same as any other law...say for instance the gun laws...they want to take all the guns away **from law abiding citizens** this is suppose to reduce crime? These people need the guns for protection...ever hear anyone complain about how long it took the police to arrive on the scene? So you take their guns..because they allow you to, because it's the law and they try hard to always obey the law...however CRIMINALS are NOT going to obey the law and they are not going to be turning in their now you have bad guys with guns and no one can even think about protecting themselves unless they break the law to do so.

The abiding citizens...the kind of people you want raising dogs...will abide and what you will have left is the scum on the bottom always finding a way to beat the system to petal their puppy mill, sickly, non conformed animals.

Terentia said...

Well written article.