Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What Is Love? Pit bull owners know. Nathan Winograd knows. Sadly, so sadly, animal rights extremists kill for "love" Nathan Winograd speaks from the heart for pit bulls Staunch no-kill advocate Nathan Winograd rocked the world of animal rights, no, make that animal welfare, ooops, animal protection agencies with his book Redemption: The Myth of Pet Overpopulation. Winograd isn't buying that sick I Love, So I Must Kill crap. Nope. Not at all. We [animal protectionists] have determined that [pit bulls] do not deserve to live. The more circumspect among us might not say so publicly. We may couch it in more benign terms, shifting the blame to others, claiming that no one will adopt them, convincing ourselves that only a ban will keep them out of harm’s way, but the end result is exactly the same. By our actions, by our words, by our policies, by our failure to speak out on their behalf, we stoke the fire that has at its core only one end for Pit Bulls: their mass killing. Boobs, freaks and liars fail the American Pit Bull Terrier First prize for killing innocent dogs and general hypocrisy goes to PETA. Ingrid Newkirk and her crew of dog killers openly, unabashedly and without apology advocate the violent, brutal--yet somehow ethical--irradication of "pit bulls" from the planet Earth. Its all so sad. Best Friends' Prez Michael Mountain: Whackjobs and weasel words Mountain couldn't take the heat when confirmed pit bull hater and creative statistician Clifton Merritt of Animal People challenged a mildly pro-pit bull blog comment. Mountain was no mountain. He caved. He ran for cover. He sucked up to Clifton Merritt, the guy whose "statistics" are favorites with pit bull exterminators everywhere. Makes me wonder what kind of "rehabilitation" those "Vick-tory" dogs are getting in their new prison perpetual sanctuary. National Geographic reports that Best Friends received $18,275 per dog, from the court-ordered funds supplied by Michael Vick. That's far more than other organizations received--despite Best Friends' hefty income--because Best Friends envisioned a prolonged stay at the "sanctuary" for their share of Michael Vick's dogs. What's up with that? And what happens to dogs that don't enjoy their prolonged stay at Best Friends' "sanctuary"? Dogs that "suffer emotionally" from sanctuary in specially built -- just for them ! -- facilities and the best care that Best Friends staff can offer? In the weasel words of Best Friends veterinarian Frank McMillan: . . .we're not going to continue to harbor them in a sanctuary just to make the claim that we don't put any animals to sleep. Right. As long as Vick's check clears first. Blame owners, keep killing dogs

To quote HSUS's Pam Rogers, "Pit bulls. . .are likely the most popular dog in the country, but unfortunately, they are also the dogs of choice for drug dealers, gang members, and anyone else who is looking for a dog to be a status symbol."

Pam Rogers' solution? Sterilize all pit bulls. Pit bull owners know what love is. They aren't fooled by Ingrid Newkirk, and they know the difference between love and death. They know the difference between true friends and Best Friends. They know that the Humane Society of the United States is in the business of trashing owners in order to promote the seizure and destruction of their dogs. When pit bull owners say "Fight Breedism" . . .they mean it.


Mac`s Gang said...

[quote]What Is Love?

Pit bull owners know.[/quote]

They sure do!
It can`t even be described.
It truly is something that must be experienced.
I`ve owned great dogs throughout my life but none that have shown the devotion and love of a "Pit Bull"
There would be no wars if humans loved other humans like "Pit Bulls"
love humans.

Anonymous said...

word on the street is that Racheal Ray (cookbook author/celebrity chef) is getting one of the Bad Rap Vick dogs. Do you think she'll get part of the $5,000 the judge awarded for his care?


Caveat said...

I'm liking 'Stop Breedism'. Nice work there.

Rachael Ray is getting a Vickbull? How cozy. We asked her for a contribution to our legal fund and were basically told to shove off by her assistant.

Caveat said...

I know I shouldn't have but I checked out the Clifton thing. What's they byproduct of adrenaline, because I get a rush every time I read crap like this:

"You can't make a German shepherd stop herding,'' says Merritt Clifton, editor of the Washington-based Animal People magazine. "You can't make a Chihuahua stop barking.''


I'm surprised he wasn't laughed out of the interview.

GSDs herding, eh? Yes, we see them all the time out in the fields, at the trials, herding sheep and goats.

Clifton is a 'dog expert' but he doesn't know how to control nuisance barking?

I know, I'm ranting again. Can't help it, Clifton, Beck, Skeldon always have that effect on me.

Anonymous said...

Oh Caveat, that guy is stupider than a box of rox. It's a sad example of the general scientific illiteracy of our society that his crap is taken seriously.

But hey lookie here: HSUS is getting another shot at killing lots of pit bulls since they failed with the Vick dogs:


Anyone think the timing of THIS bust is coincidental with the continued positive press about the Vick dogs?

I don't...


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