Monday, November 10, 2008

HSUS Stands Up for Property Rights and Dog Abandonment
Gaming the public in Virginia -- extremist media machine doesn't sweat the small stuff All's fair in a media war. Anything to market that core message, and capture the allegiance of Joe the Plumber.
All eyes are on the prize: public opinion.
The rest is chump change, and Wayne Pacelle knows it.
The Humane Society of the United State went out and purchased the professional services of the best public relations firms money can buy. HSUS employs a full staff dedicated to servicing the media and satisfying their needs. HSUS can pay for whatever media share they can't get for free. The Richmond Times-Dispatch is not going to turn down a paying customer.
HSUS and PETA aren't gonna get hung up on petty details, either.
Small details like . . . the welfare of animals. Wayne Pacelle thinks these dogs are better off dead Virginia state codes allow hunting dog owners to enter prohibited lands under limited circumstances, only on foot and only without weapons, in order to retrieve stray dogs.
Contrary to media coverage, Virginia is not alone in protecting the health and safety of hunting dogs by allowing exceptions to trespass laws.
For example, Minnesota and Michigan have similar provisions. So does Louisiana, where exceptions to trespass law also allow access to otherwise prohibited land in order to retrieve livestock.
As others have pointed out, these exceptions to trespass law work to ensure the welfare of animals, and prevent them from becoming a nuisance. To quote Dennis Foster of the Masters of Foxhounds Association of America:
“Any good hunter wants to make sure he takes good care of his dogs, and that he brings them home every time he hunts. . .
HSUS and PETA want the Virginia law struck down. Turns out that the animal protection racketeers aren't interested in making sure dogs get home safely.
Hypocrisy? Opportunism? Words fail. . .
Incredibly, HSUS now claims to be a champion of property rights.
The same outfit that finances and trains privately employed, armed vigilantes to invade the property of fellow citizens and confiscate their private property, now claims that unarmed dog owners looking for lost dogs is a constitutional issue.
What a crock.
Private property and the Humane Society of the United States
The Humane Society of the United States actively lobbies against private property rights through its support of asset forfeiture laws. It endorses the antics of Tammy Grimes, a one-woman crime spree, convicted thief, and trespasser.
HSUS spearheads ordinances which encourage the seizure, and dispersal and/or destruction of animals prior to the adjudication of charges against the their owners.
Funny how not a single media source has picked up on any of this.
R. E. S. P. E. C. T. for property rights ??? I don't think so.

This latest ploy is all about positioning. It comes from a careful analysis of the market, and a plan calculated to appeal to key public sectors.

HSUS understands the power of the media, and developed their strategy accordingly.

Playing the public for fools

People who love their dogs, and love their civil rights, need to wise up. Dogs won't run like the wind any more in Massachusetts, and if something doesn't change fast, they won't in New Hampshire soon, either.

Floyd Boudreaux's dogs are dead, and "pit bulls" across the country are seized and killed just as fast as "humane investigators" can get their dirty hands on them.

We're not talking "media bias" any more. We're way beyond "educating legislators."

At this point, HSUS writes the 6:00 News, and everything else drops neatly into place.

That can't continue. We need to get a shot or two off in the media war.


Anonymous said...

And with the widespread, rampant liberal media bias we have now - it's going to get a LOT worse befor it gets better.

Caveat said...

Another excellent post!

Anonymous said...

You need to think outside the box. Why has the HSUS gotten away with killing 10 million dogs and cats last year an dumping there bodies in the landfills? Why is the government looking the other way? Are you aware theres e-coli coming from those landfills and getting into our water? Why, why. why????

davidkcalderwood said...

"Anonymous" is confusing Peta with the HSUS. It is Peta that kills so many of their shelter animals. It's also Peta that is guilty going to shelters in North Carolina -- taking animals from shelters under false pretexts and killing and dumping them in dumpsters.

HSUS has the same agenda as Peta. However, it's Peta that is guilty of directly supporting domestic terrorism with funding -- therefore, I feel the only way we're going to stop these radicals is for the federal government to have a public investigation of Peta in their role of supporting domestic terrorism -- and then linking the HSUS to Peta through their trading employees back and forth.


YesBiscuit! said...

Hopefully people won't fall for this 'HSUS to the rescue!' BS.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't help but notice that at least one person was very pro-hunting and very informed. She posted in response to several false accusations before the comment period was closed.

Now all the comments have disappeared. I hate so sound paranoid but that seems to be pretty common. If the comments or polls don't go the way the person wants, it goes, "poof".

I think the HSUS argument is pathetic. Let's see, they are so worried about loose dogs they want to make it a crime to catch your loose dog.

That doesn't make one bit of sense. That's typical HSUS. Grab some headlines, show some pictures of a starving animal, and then run back to the office to watch the money roll in. And then not spend one thin dime to help an animal in real need.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the double post but I need to correct my misstatment. Yesterday evening all the comments were gone but I see now they are back.

Perhaps it was some sort of glitch.

Anonymous said...

While I can understand some suspicion of large protest groups who can become drunk upon their own agendas, I take some exception to BlueDogState's comments about Tammy Grimes. I live in a neighborhood full of chained dogs. I've lodged complaints against every one of these owners, but my city government says there is little they can do. The dogs are miserable, constantly barking; several have infected neck sores. Constant chaining hurts dogs and creates a stressful climate within neighborhoods. My dogs, who are rather quiet, grow restive when they hear the chained dogs frantically barking and crying morning, noon and night. If you must keep your dogs outside, then you should be required to offer them adequate shelter and a sizable fenced area to allow the dog a free area to roam. I will never understand the logic of going to all the expense of owning a dog only to chain it like some prisoner.

Anonymous said...

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