Friday, April 10, 2009

Hey, Pacelle! Suck it up and fire John Goodwin!

Talk's cheap, Wayne. Why don't you ditch the criminals working for HSUS?
Then maybe. . .just maybe. . .you'll have a basis for conversation with true "pit bull stakeholders."
Too much talk, not enough action.
HSUS's long-promised meeting of "national pit bull stakeholders" in Vegas was held on Wednesday. Everybody went home days ago.
It seems that Best Friends managed to forgive the Humane Society of the United States and wag its tail over HSUS's change of heart: no more automatic killing of innocent dogs. Maybe.
Is the "breakthrough" all its cracked up to be?
Future protocols and updated manuals: pesky details not available.

Forgive me if I refrain from doing cartwheels across the lawn, Wayne.

Not while "animal protection" for pit bulls remains exponentially missing in action and HSUS's Dogfight Czars remain on the job.

HSUS's new position on dogs seized during dogfight busts is like swiss cheese. . .plenty of places for the lives of vulnerable dogs to get lost.

Little feet are tap-tap-tapping, Wayne.

Here are some real deal stakeholder recommendations for the Humane Society of the United States:

1. Fire John Goodwin, HSUS's ranking "fighting dog expert" -- and Animal Liberation Front terrorist. HSUS foisted Goodwin and that "HSUS says pit bulls must die, die, die" policy on the public for years. Goodwin has no place in a reformed Humane Society of the United States, and no credibility with the sheltering community.

2. Fire Amanda Arrington and Chris Schindler -- the two HSUS employees who testified that nursing pit bull puppies are a threat to public safety. They are liars.

3. Fire Patrick Kwan, HSUS's New York director, too. Kwan is busy telling people that New York law treats dogfighting spectators like people who don't put enough spare change in parking meters, and claims that, accordingly, hordes of dogfighters from Jersey travel to New York. The myth Kwan is struggling to create is almost as ridiculous as the "baby pit bull puppies are too dangerous to live" thing. See point two above.

Put some effort into it, Pacelle.

Stop employing liars and criminals. Because the sworn testimony of Humane Society of the United States state Director, Amanda Arrington, during the February 16, 2009 hearing in Wilkes County (NC) Superior Court makes one thing very clear: the "animal protection" racket knows no shame. Fifteen minutes of HSUS "expertise" killed 146 pit bulls Two months ago, Ms. Arrington -- backed up by HSUS's Chris Schindler -- appears to have based her assertion that it was Best Friends Animal Society that set the $190,000 per dog cost for rehabilitating "fighting dogs" on an amicus brief signed by 11 amici in November, 2007, during the wild scramble of the Michael Vick prosecution. The amicus brief originally estimated a rehabilitation cost of $2,500 per dog. The figure mysteriously staggered on up to the astronomical $190,000 that Arrington used in court. The later version of the amicus was amended to read-- Rehabilitation of fighting dogs is a time consuming, labor intensive effort which requires 4 to 6 hours each day per dog. Qualified trainers earn between $50.00-$75.00 per hour. At 5 hours a day, 30 days a month, this is $9,750 dollars per month of training. To this, add food and veterinary care, and the price to rehabilitate a fighting dog is a little more than $10,000 per month. If training and rehabilitating a dog takes 18 months, the cost rises to $180,000 plus the run cost of $10,000 or $190,000 per dog. With "amici" like that. . . Was the insane overstatement of likely costs a case of lawyerly maneuvering? Did the amici put that astronomical number out there in order to soak the target (Vick) for the max? Did avarice get in the way of common sense? On their own website Best Friends gave a base estimate at $40,000 per dog for a lifetime of care in an institutional setting, (with the warning that the cost could be higher in the case of the Vick dogs).

Heartless in Wilkesboro: the Humane Society of the United States Arrington simply asserted that, "in their own words," Best Friends said it would take about $190,000 to rehabilitate each of Ed Faron's dogs. Even the nursing puppies. HSUS's "experts" didn't protest the outrageous guesstimate of $190,000 for each dog. HSUS didn't offer to rehab the dogs for less. In fact, HSUS didn't offer a dime from their own extensive resources -- not surprising since in 2007, the Humane Society of the United States contributed less that 4% of its $91.5 million budget to the sheltering of pet animals. HSUS was out to kill those dogs.

Two months later, you're asking us to believe that four days in Las Vegas changed all that ?

Nathan Winograd's got the skinny on how things went in Vegas, and he's not too optimistic on how the "bust summit accords" will shake out.

[W]e hold back comprehensive progress because Wayne Pacelle won’t allow for more, and we accept it for no rational, financial, or practical reasons other than Pacelle refuses. It doesn’t have to be this way. It is only this way because we let it be. The power he has is the power we give him.

Let me add a big fat raspberry from Blue Dog State. Like Winograd, I'll believe it when I see it.


YesBiscuit! said...

I don't see how the dogfighting arm of the HSUS could possibly continue under Goodwin if they are sincere in implementing the new policy of saving bust dogs.

Anonymous said...

I think instead of "I'll wait and see" sentiments, we should all take a "good, now let's get to work" sentiment. They have committed to changing their policy which will allow those of us that want to can now work together on behalf of the dogs. This is important. How it will work will be developed by the working group -- this is a good group that will come up with a good model which others can emulate in their own communities. At Best Friends, we never expected or envisioned HSUS to do the work for us, we just wanted them to change their policy and open the door.

We all have a choice in our response to this. I choose a positive and proactive one.

Ed Fritz
Best Friends Animal Society

BlueDogState said...

Ed, I don't see anything "positive" or "proactive" in providing political cover for killers.

Best Friends apparently does.

Go figure.

bestuvall said...

Yeah.. henry the Eight "promised" the Cathoilcs they could keep their abbys too.. You don;t have to fire John .. just STOP sending MONEY.. and the little warlock will jsut fade away.. alsong wiht the head warlock..

Rockstar said...

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Annie B said...

I haveto agree with Ed, instead of bashing , lets get to work and move ahead!

Anonymous said...

Bluedog -- gimme a break. it's about a step towards being proactive to help the dogs. that's what I'm in this work for. they are committed to changing this policy & their rhetoric and it's public. I hope to see you offering a helping hand when it is called on to help some dogs. we at BF are trying to build on something here by looking ahead and looking back only to learn.


Tom said...

I don't want the HSUS to reform any of its act. Any reform would give the HSUS the appearance of increased legitimacy. They should not be allowed any face-saving.

Best Friends is just about as bad. I think they're sneakier.

Anonymous said...

Neither BF nor HSUS should do anything since it's all orchestrated. But methinks this is what will happen...HSUS will temporarily not do so many raids, BF will instead get seized "milled" puppies that dont require testing, and they will all be sold in 3 days.Despite BF telling the public not to buy a puppy, they build a puppy farm housing unit for seized dogs. Then HSUS tries to tell Indianapolis to implement BSL by saying all pitbull types are potentially dangerous. Nathan issued an outright assertion of HSUS lies. The director of Indianapolis Humane says he cant believe he has to fight HSUS when they don't want BSL.HSUS can never be trusted and BF is a cohort.They are all hypocritical, trying to force the non sell, non buy, non business "adoption" crap.Until there are none left.

Caveat said...

I don't know why anybody gives a rat's ass what the HSUS thinks or says.

The best thing that could happen is that the entire BOD is dissolved and some actual animal welfare people take over and rehab the org into what it is supposed to be.

HSUS is a private special interest 'charity' (LOL) with an animal liberationist agenda. They have no mandate to represent anyone, set any kind of policy, push for legislation or negotiate terms.

The overweening arrogance of all of these groups is getting way out of hand. I know they are all legends in their own minds but they sure aren't in mine.

But then, I'm not a big fan of people who ride on the backs of helpless animals to further their own corrupt ends.

Anonymous said...

I think its great that Best friends has made it possible for some Gamebred A.P.B.T,s to be tested for adoption dispite thier genetic history,I do not however feel that the HSUS decision to change its policies on Testing Gamebred dogs for adoption means absolutley nothing,for I believe the HSUS is simply a organization that has derrived from hysterical media and societies inability to be nothing more then casual observers that has made a mockery of our justice system in order to solidify thier dominance of the issues ,killed hundreds of adoptable dogs before thier owners had thier day in court,and as a widely known and controversial authority on the breed has said by his opinion actually convicted a innocent man in thier zealous attempt to dominate the issues of animal abuse not to mention that they have also burried much crucial evidence of animal cruelty in the michael Vick case with thier "PLEA BARGAIN" A imprisoned Proffesional athelete makes a better statement that dogfighting can land you in prison then a active proffesional athelete telling of the dangers of illegal dogfighting does ,but we and they know this I say The HSUS has got to GO!