Saturday, June 06, 2009

HSUS Is Evil. And Proud Of It.

Lobbying, fundraising and vegan food fun

Donations to the Humane Society of the United States at work

How a national extremist agenda gets served with a smile in New York
With a scant three weeks left in the New York legislative session and not a whole lot to show for it yet, employees of the Humane Society of the United States--the largest, wealthiest animal extremist organization in the world--kicked in to high gear in late May.
Endgame strategy?
Convert brains at the state capital into gelatinous mush, the HSUS way.
HSUS Regional Director Patrick Kwan: Hey, that's how he rolls.

And Kwan appears to have packed his toothbrush and airline frequent flyer card as the critical end-of-legislative-session last week of May came to a close. As Kwan's Twitter log of activities documented, the HSUS's point man in New York didn't spend much time at home as the lobbying season reached its climax.
From social calls on hens roosters (oops! good the Farm Sanctuary supporter got that pesky detail ironed out), a cameo appearance on public radio, and a barnstorming campaign through upstate New York, Kwan racked up the mileage. And he kept up a steady barrage of tweets and twitters--keep those home fires burning!--as he did it.
Bliggety blogs, facey spaces and tweetie pages
So here's Kwan's own rendition of how he spent the last week of May, with notations in bold. [And, yeah, I removed the links plugging extremist websites. They can get their own damn blogs.]
May 24: Visiting the rescued roosters . . . b4 their trip to sanctuary
May 25: Met Bernadine, a broiler hen believed to have escaped from truck. . .

May 27: My interview w/ WNYC
Assm Lentol @NYSenate Stavisky bill to strengthen NY animal fighting laws

Note: Kwan's radio interview mentions neither Asy. Lentol or Sen. Stavisky. Lentol chairs the committee where HSUS's proposal is now stalled and Stavisky is the Senate sponsor of the proposal.
But hey, a free tweet is a free tweet.
May 27: 3 "hens" I transported . . .are roosters. . . .
May 28: Visits & meetings w/ @FarmSanctuary + Tompkins County SPCA today; Lobbying for Animals workshop in Ithaca tonight
Note: Sen. James Seward, representing Ithaca, sits on the NY Senate Agriculture committee. On May 28, several extremist proposals, including one endorsed by the Humane Society of the United States, were stalled in the the NYS Senate Ag. Com.
Taste of Thai in Ithaca Commons was awesome - seitan + labeled vegan desserts May 29: Great meeting w/ the fine folks of Citizens Campaign for the Environment who are doing amazing anti-CAFO work. Watertown, NY
Note: Watertown is home to Senate Ag. Committee chair, Darrel Aubertine.

Had privilege to meet his son Ken Wiwa at Amnesty AGM RT @amnesty Ken Saro-Wiwa: The Legacy of an Environ. Defender Jefferson County SPCA loves ZooToo and shows it!

Note: Aubertine's home, near Watertown, is in Jefferson County

Will get to Syracuse around midnight to celebrate their 1st anniversay. 30%off vegan milkshakes + free cupcakes!

Note: Syracuse is the home district of Sen. D. Valesky. Valesky is the third ranking Democrat in NY's Democratically controlled Senate, and he sits on the Senate Ag. committee.

May 30: Just spoke to an amazing + inspiring crowd of anti-puppy mills advocates

Back to NYC tmrrw nite after advocacy tour of Woodstock, Binghamton, Watkins Glen, Ithaca, Watertown, Delmar, + Syracuse!

Note: Sen. Neil Breslin represents Delmar and sits on the NYS Senate Ag. committee.

At Recess Cafe in Syracuse for every Sat all-you-can-eat $5 vegan BBQ. In a business suit. Ha! May 31: Demo today from 11am-Noon in Cicero, NY to urge Petland to stop supporting puppy mills + selling puppies. See you there? Syracuse Airport - GOOD: Free WiFi + Ziploc bags at security BAD: No soymilk at the Au Bon Pain. Urgh

So, connect the dots. What do you get?

On June 2, two anti-pet breeder proposals--disguised as anti-"puppymill" bills--moved favorably out of the NY Senate Ag. committee.

One proposal would shut down small, hobby pet breeders. The other one is a limit law which will close moderate-to-large kennels and catteries. Both are in perfect alignment with HSUS head honcho Wayne Pacelle's "One generation and out. We have no problem with the extinction of domestic animals." goal. HSUS backs similar proposals in many states, most notably California.

The New York State Ag. Committee is chaired by the senator from Watertown. Members include the senators representing Delmar, Ithaca and Syracuse. Coincidence?

I'm just saying. . .

Your donations at work: gelatinous mush through lower intestines

Patrick hasn't posted his Travel & Expense report on Twitter, but zig-zagging around upstate New York doesn't come cheap. New York ain't Texas, but its a far piece from Brooklyn to Woodstock to Syracuse to Delmar to. . .

Somebody's got to pay.

I'm thinking its going to be the animals. The ones that remain caged in shelters throughout the country--particularly the pit bulls--because HSUS chooses to spend its money on lobbying, public relations and expanding its own influence.

And leaves the messy stuff to others.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. I wonder if the maroon realizes how his tweets enable smart folks like you to track his movements?

In honor of his "efforts" I think I'll name the weaner pig I'll raise this summer and eat when he's grown after this a**hole. We'll call our sausage kwan seitan.

bealsie2 said...

Thanks for the info. Seward just lost my vote unless he can prove otherwise. I'll be visiting his office with a copy of this blog entry in hand.

YesBiscuit! said...

He must work for the HSUS Legislative Fund - not the regular HSUS, right? Cos otherwise, all these lobbying activities would be in violation of the HSUS 501(c)3 status, right?

Anonymous said...

They're getting so bold they don't care anymore, flaunting their 501(c)3 violations - Wayne even proudly points to HSUS lobbying on his blog.

bealsie2 said...

I think we should be calling for a federal prosecutor. If everyone took one point each week and snail-mailed our senators and our representatives week after week after week we would not only drip on them like Chinese water torture until they gave in and got a special prosecutor just to shut us up, but we could put the post office in the black for the first time in years!

maggie b said...

A chicken that escaped a "broiler truck" ! OMG that's wonderful. They are snatching people's free range chickens off the side of the road. "They'll get you, and your little dog too, and your chicken ....

Anonymous said...

Sponsors of our NC anti-breeder legislation will be seeing this as well. Better yet, I am sure we could easily come up with a similar scenario as this with Ms. Amanda Arrington. She is quite blatant about her activities since arriving here as well ;o)

Anonymous said...

I raised a rescued broiler rooster once. He was awesome, but grew super huge! We couldn't tell for a few weeks at least whether he was to be male or female, and I even grew up taking care of chickens. We've bred them to be so uniform in size and shape, and since they're only 6 weeks old at slaughter I can see why he wouldn't be able to tell males from females. It's really only after they get out a run around and start to grow up that you can tell. Unless you go around sexing them...

It was sad, our guy only lived 19 months. I've never heard of a broiler chicken living much past that, though. He had a heart attack, which I hear is quite common.

BlueDogState said...

"I raised a rescued broiler rooster once. . .He had a heart attack"

Did this "rescued" broiler rooster "escape" from a truck too?

And how much did the post mortem necropsy results indicating "heart attack" as the cause of death cost you?

Just wondering. . .

Kasha said...

I had no idea what goes on behind the scenes at HSUS! I also learned thanks to your blog that I cannot move to New York with my dog! That is just nonsense! ....I wasn't planning on it anyway. My breed, the Boerboel, is not so much recognized in the states anyway, but she appears to be a mastiff. Shame on New York!

EmilyS said...

oh don't worry, there's been a paradigm shift and HSUS know posts heart wrenching photos of the dogs that just a few months ago they wanted to kill...

it's all good!