Tuesday, June 08, 2010

In Defense of Animals Crowns Scotlund Haisley

HSUS and Wayne Pacelle's Cowboy Scot 
Now IDA's President Cowboy Scotlund

So get with the program, pet lovers.

No bad deed goes unrewarded.  Not in the mixed up, muddled up, shook up world of animal rights extremism.

Convincing people to rescue and adopt

According to former President and current COB Eliot Katz, In Defense of Animals is all about the need to ". . .convince people to rescue and adopt instead of buying or selling animals, [and] to disavow the language and concept of animal ownership." 

IDA's Katz is unequivocal:  "It is time we demand an end to the misguided and abusive concept of animal ownership. The first step on this long, but just, road would be ending the concept of pet ownership."

And now IDA has Scotlund Haisley as its enforcer-in-chief.

Adrenalin junkies:  playing SWAT or "convincing" the public and "convincing" sick, old dogs?

HumaneWatch.org's summary of the leadership role Scotlund Haisley and HSUS played in the illegal the seizure of 172 dogs belonging to a South Dakota dog breeder paints a vivid picture of what "convincing" entails in Cowboy Scot-speak.

A South Dakota judge ordered the dogs that somehow survived Haisley's "rescue" effort returned to their owner, who is still struggling to regain custody of his dogs and reassemble the pieces of his life.

Before the South Dakota debacle, there was HSUS's muscle-bound raid, led by Haisley, on the shelter Norman Pang operated for six days in Oahu.  

Pang struggled to administer to the needs of animals in a hospice his wife operated before her death, but made the mistake of turning to the "humane" community for assistance. 

Instead of help, Pang and the animals got Scotlund Haisley and his crew, who quickly labeled Pang a "murderer", "hoarder" and "collector." 

All because, following his wife's death, Pang realized he was out of his depth and immediately asked for help. 

Pang brought a civil rights lawsuit against HSUS, its Hawaiian Humane Society toady and others involved in the travesty.

IDA rolls out the welcome mat

In his press released welcome note to Haisley, Katz managed to delicately underscore the testosterone component:   "Scotlund Haisley has been a dynamic force in the animal protection world . . .[and he will] maximize IDA's efforts to become a more powerful voice and force. . . ."

Dynamic forces and powerful voices? 

Or did an organization claiming to exist for the "defense" of animals just hire an unemployed cowboy whose out-of-control and legally questionable behavior made his position at HSUS untenable? 

What kind of word games are these people playing?

It's all about the animals.  [Not.]

Frequently cited, rarely clarified --  and often thoughtlessly uttered -- this statement needs translation.  What it really means is:

The ends justify the means.

We'll do anything we want, and we think we won't be questioned.

We operate in plain view because we are so intoxicated by our own audacity that we think no one will question our authority, our motives, and our agenda. 

We say anything we want, offer any explanation handy.  We own the media.  We own the legislature.

We're above the law. 

It's "all about the animals."  Right?

uh. . .right?

Whole 'nother posse saddling up

and Blue Dog is just loving it.

This stuff with the billboards and newspaper ads and Facebook?  It leaves a mark, and Wayne Pacelle knows it.  HSUS ditched Scotlund Haisley when he became too great a liability.

Let's just hope John Goodwin and Chris Schindler are next.

As for IDA?  They'd better keep  their insurance premiums paid up. 



Anonymous said...

this 'COWBOY" is a lunatic. he needs to watch his back- other "cowboys" have six shooters !!!!

Anonymous said...

this one is a NUT

Anonymous said...

We're being mislead. Wish I had a dollar for every time I've been told that HSUS has no connection to our local humane societies. If that was ever the case, it's certainly no longer true. HSUS offers multithousand rewards for information on animals particularly those with young its organization may have some opportunity to have (wrongly or rightly) seized. HSUS feeds seized animals to local humane societies which in turn sell them. The agenda of both HSUS and our local human societies is to render all possible pets surgically incapable of reproduction. HSUS seizes whole animals; local human societies are recipients of the seized animals and sell them as gonad gutted shells. As a second way local shelter profiteer from HSUS is through the "shelter shuffle" connection through which masses of foreign pets are air transported into the US and distributed among shelters for sale. Both agendas combine to leave Americans with pets unable to sexually reproduce and, as well, leave shelters reaping the profits from selling the animals private breeders have paid the raising and care costs of to bring to maturity and mate. Currently a local shelter in the state of Maine is buying shelter dogs from California on a regular basis and remitting part of the purchase price to the California source in order to keep Maine's shelter filled with salable animals. What's never mentioned is these noxious practices are actual wars against all pet breeders conducted by both HSUS as well as our local humane socienties.

Anonymous said...

Scotlund is an egomaniac and always has been. This is what drives most of what he does. His core motivation is to get the spotlight directly on himself. In his early years, he pursued this recklessly at any cost. He's refined his methods, but still's just scratching at the same itch. THAT is his motivation, NOT helping animals. And his biggest pray are the supporters of the "animal rights" organizations he's connected to. Both he and HSUS are cashing in on these naive people, both financially and egotistically. I don't know about his new group (IDA), but the HSUS is a greedy organization. Considering its deep pockets, it does truly very little for animals. Especially when you compare it to small local organizations that struggle but provide SO much more for both animals and the public in general. Their primary motives are different.
Those who don't know him will do well to remember this: Scotlund is not an animal rights extremist, he's actually an "ego-extremist".

Anonymous said...

IDA has just ousted Haisley. I guess they wised up.

It's too bad they hired him in the first place.

emily said...

That is my dog, Trinidad that Scott is dragging. The photo is from the raid of Patricks.

emily said...

That is my dog Trinidad in that photo at the Patrick raid. I had dogs with rope burns and dogs with cuts after they took them. The dogs were abused and many were terrified like Trinidad here. It was horrible. They killed them all.