Saturday, January 20, 2007

Score after Round One in the Big Apple-- Pit bulls: 1 Peter Vallone: 0 And those happy-go-lucky dogs with the infectious grins never laid a glove on him.

Opening a can of whoop-ass on Pete Vallone

NYC Councilman Peter Vallone (Democrat-Astoria) must be wondering what the hell happened. Response to his Christmas proposal to reverse New York State law and ban pit bulls from the City of New York met with near unanimous scorn.

The New York Post's Julia Szabo -- a pit bull owner herself -- ran the above photo from the Unexpected Pit Bull calendar. Then she encouraged readers to contact Vallone and tell him how they feel. And then she published his telephone number and email address.

Then there was Newsday's Denise Flaim.

". . .breedism is a fact of life for the pit bull, whose reputation is tinged with racial and socioeconomic associations that no one is comfortable talking about, but invariably react to."

Snark infested waters

And there was ultra-hip Gawker's take on the whole thing:

"Councilman Peter Vallone: Killjoy of the Year We've got to hand it to Queens Councilman Peter Vallone: Never has one politician advanced more ridiculous, attention-getting legislation. . ."

NY City Councilmember Peter Vallone. Animal Rights activist. Vallone's response to New Yorkers who contacted him about his proposal? "Thank you for contacting my office [. . .blah, blah, blah. . .] As a dog owner and animal rights activist I am well aware that when raised properly, pit bulls can be as loyal and loving as any other breed . . ." Animal rights activist? Now, where would a guy like Peter Vallone ever get the idea that animal rights activism could be squared with the destruction of pit bulls? Maybe from PETA President Ingrid Newkirk, who actively supports the euthanasia of all "pit bulls?" Ingrid's we-love-pit bulls-so-we-must-kill-them-all logic might have appealed to Vallone. Or maybe Vallone tried to follow the murky twists of Wayne Pacelle-speak, and concluded that Humane Society of the United States would be perfectly fine with a pit bull-free New York? Hard to say. But move over, Ingrid and Wayne. Peter Vallone just joined your team. Pit Bull sightings on Madison Avenue Will that goofy grin once again be used to encourage people to surrender their paychecks? After all, its not like pit bulls don't have experience in advertising. An informal survey of media watchers was decisive: pit bull sightings are on the rise! Its not your imagination. Pit bulls are everywhere. They're peddling lawn mowers, hot sauce, jeans, sports drinks. All kinds of stuff! Peter Vallone's worst nightmare. . . The Pit Bull that founded. . .Gotham? Or, should that be: "Gotham that founded the New Yorkie"? Does it really matter? Not to me.

Just as long as caring dog owners can to keep their good dogs, free of unreasonable restrictions.

Is that so much to ask, Councilman Vallone?

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Anonymous said...

I have run an ALL breed dog rescue for many years. I have owned, saved and adopted out pit bulls during all of this time. Repeatedly I find them to be loving, good natured dogs who want to please their owners. The ones who often make the skewed, poorly & improperly reported headlines have had OWNERS who work very hard to make them mean and aggressive. It is just not in the dogs innate nature to be aggressive with people. How about punishing the owners of these animals, implimenting and enforcing breeding/spay/neuter laws, and getting a grip!! Breed restrictive legislation is just one more form of racism!!!!
Beth Phillips