Sunday, July 01, 2007

Battling for Control of Your Dog's Balls: New York Bill O'Reilly stands up for dog owners and property rights. Where the hell are the Dems? Jersey resident and dedicated dog owner Pete Georgoutsos finally, finally, finally got his dog bailed out of the NYC pound--in ONE piece. Price of a little temporary freedom for a dog and dog owner that did nothing wrong? $10,000 for a bond, which Georgoutsos was obliged to post in cash, as he defends his dog from NYC's mandatory castration requirement. The meter is still ticking on his attorney's fees. Picked up stray after a bungled robbery attempt set him loose, Spartacus the dog waited over a month--impounded in a public shelter. Two hearings were held because Georgoutsos refused to let the City of New York castrate his dog pursuant to city ordinances. NYC Gonad Nazis remain hellbent on enforcing a local requirement that all dogs and cats undergo surgical sterilization before release from city shelters. The requirement applies to animals claimed by their lawful owners, and it applies even if the animal was in the city temporarily and even if the animal was impounded only because a crime was committed against the owner. Holding pets hostage, blackmailing dog owners "The city would not let me see my dog for three weeks," Georgoutsos said, "and it was getting really ugly. "They said if I didn't neuter my dog he would be put up for adoption or euthanized. They were using Gestapo techniques." Georgoutsos maintains that the dog's health deteriorated during the impoundment period. Spokespeople for New York's CACC? Unmoved. Judges know extortion when they see it Brooklyn Supreme Court Judge Arthur Schack doesn't mince words: We'll hold [Spartacus] hostage and then we'll kill him," said Schack. "That's what it sounds like. Judge Schack ordered the dog released, testicles and all. It took another couple of weeks of bickering, and $10,000 in cash, but Spartacus is now back home in New Jersey. The City is appealing the ruling, and it appears that Georgoutsos will be back in court this fall. Property rights on trial: Bill O'Reilly says a mouthful It took arch-conservative Bill freaking O'Reilly to point out the obvious: this just ain't right. The Factor was stunned by the episode. "We're supposed to be free in this country. If you have a dog and the government is saying you have to have him neutered, I think that's a violation of your freedom." Ok, this is painful for a liberal-type like me, but. . O'Reilly's right. That little bit of canine real estate that the City of New York wants to chop off and send to nearest landfill? It belongs to Pete Georgoutsos. City Councilman Peter Vallone: Oooops. We didn't mean it like that. The NYC law's author, that self-described animal rights activist and city councilman Peter Vallone Jr., found himself in a little bit of a jam over dog laws. Again. The judge is mad. The dog owner is mad. Bill O'Reilly is mad.

The people of the City of New York are mad.

"We never anticipated anything like this," Councilman Peter Vallone told the Daily News last week. "This is someone from out of state. It's not his fault the animal was loose." Oh, puh-leeze. Something like 40 million people visit the Big Apple each year. Do ya think Pete Georgoutsos is the first one to lose a dog, Councilman? Do you think this was the first time a dog was impounded through no fault of the owner?

Then there's the even lamer reasoning from MissionOrangeWorld--

ASPCA just makes shit up "Lisa Weisberg, a senior vice president at the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in New York, said she doesn't believe the law applies to Spartacus. "If the person (owner) is just passing through the city for whatever reason, the spay-neutering requirement does not apply," she said. Uhhh, Lisa? The law doesn't say that. There is no "whatever" clause. The Whatever Legal Theory But let me get this straight. . .

According to the ASPCA's deeply orange rhetoric, its imperative--VITAL-- to neuter each and every loose dog because loose dogs are a public safety threat, and they spawn bazillions of puppy-dogs each year.

[Note that in the few hours he was loose, Spartacus didn't harm anyone. In fact, since the--by all reports very friendly--dog was hit with five tranquilizer darts before being brought to the shelter, I'm thinking he didn't have much of an opportunity for romance, either.]

Is "just passing through for whatever reason" a legal concept? Do residents of the City of New York somehow have fewer property rights than people who are "just passing through for whatever reason"?

Maybe Jerseyites have superior legal status for a reason, Ms. Weisberg?

Did Lisa Weisberg make sure that "just passing through" concept is included in the bill that the ASPCA is right this very minute promoting in Albany? NYS Assembly Bill 8032 mandates that every single dog or cat released by a "city" shelter must be surgically sterilized. There's no "whatever" clause. In fact, I don't even see the exceptions for so-called show dogs in the current New York City local law.

Footloose in the Big Apple

I agree that dogs shouldn't run loose on the mean streets of New York, by the way. They might get run over by an ASPCA paddywagon. Heck, they might even . . . wind up on Animal Planet and get blasted by another judge.

And that wouldn't be cool.

Or would it?

Life in a "free" country

Bill O'Reilly said it best: we're supposed to be living in a free country. Dog owners cannot be forced to neuter their dogs because the dog was picked up stray or impounded. Those dogs, and all their little pieces and parts, belong to their owners. New Jersey's Pete Georgoustos is a perfect example of how ridiculous, how useless, and how unfair the NYC law is. Councilman Vallone's Long Hot Summer But since all politics is local, we'll be checking back on NYC Councilman Peter Vallone this fall. Already an infamous pit bull hater and profiler of pit bull owners, how's he going to defend the assault on the personal property of all New Yorkers -- and every once in a while, a Jersey boy -- that he championed, anyway? See ya in September, Councilman Vallone. You're gonna have a little more 'splaining to do.


Semavi Lady said...

Spartacus' story is yet another example of corrupt and abusive bureaucracy.

Spartacus himself seems to be immaterial to the NYC G.N. To them, apparently he's just an object through which intolerant, controlling thugs can manifest their hate and pathological need to control other people. They just want to score, and figuratively, they want to wear his balls as trophy earrings.

donnasue jacobi said...

Not an O'Reilly fan but he's absolutely correct - this is a violato of civil property rights. Here in California there's a fight to keep AR bureaucrats out of our homes from mandatory S/N law that is so convoluted because of the contradictory amendments to a really bad law, that if it passes there will be many many civil rights lawsuits filed the next day. and what do lawmakers think of this bill? If you're a democrat then you must support the idiot who sponsored it, Levine, along with his PETA supporters. It makes no send, will cost more than predicted, and will be a complete failure like their "poster program" in Santa Cruz county. we call it the Nazi Gonad legislation because that's exactly now Hitler started - first with vegetarianism.

hermine said...

Laws are often baffling, even incomprehensible, and written in opaque jargon, but there is nothing difficult to understand about this mandatory desexing of our pet animals; a blight which is sweeping the land at the same speed which common sense is packing up and leaving in despair. HOW COULD ANYONE, let alone, a group of people, subject this man and his dog to this absurd totalitarian NIGHTMARE? just about the only good thing to come out of this is the illustration in flesh and blood, that this kind of law is insane, corrupt, crazy, wrong, awful, bad, illegal, and would be overturned if it ever got to the supreme court.

Anonymous said...

OT because it's the other coast but people need to READ THIS

** OK to cross post **

See the link for a letter Levine sent to Assembly Speaker Fabian Núñez
July 6, 2006, requesting the creation of an Assembly
Select Committee on Animal Welfare.... The language he used may be
useful in outting his personal political affiliations:

Anonymous said...

O'Reilly, is Not an "Arch-Conservative"

Dear Blue Dog State;

I love your blog - I really do and I am a Conservative - if you are a Dem - you are well disguised.

The thing that most non-card carrying Conservatives don't realize though is that Bill O'Reilly is not an "Arch Conservative" - he's way softer than many on "my team" and many Conservatives just won't claim him. So I guess that makes him a "Moderate with an Edge".

Nonetheless, I think O'Reilly is right on - on this issue - and many more - he's a common sense guy - just like "old fashion Democrats" - I think if you were to start listening to Dennis Prager, Michael Medved, Laura Ingrahams, you'd soon realize that the Conservatives are now the voice of reason in our country - maybe it's sad but at least we can base our facts in reality and the Democratic Party is failing dog lovers on a national scale. Thanks for doing a great job of getting this stuff out there.

Lots of people think they "hate" Bill O'Reilly. When I first started watching him, I thought he was arrogant and mean. But he cuts to the chase and while he probably is arrogant - he's not any more arrogant than Michael Moore and a lot more down to earth.

To anyone who can't stand Bill O'Reilly, I give them this challenge, watch him for a week and then, try watching Bill Maher (who supports PETA) for a week - after that, tell me which program gave you more brain spinach - which show left you feeling like you'd eaten a bag of Fritos.

Name witheld so radical liberals will not posion my dogs.


Caveat said...

I'm somone who doesn't bother watching Bill O'Reilly, as in my opinion all he does is hurl invective and shout down people he 'interviews'.

However, nobody is all wrong all the time and to be fair, Fox has come out in favour of dog owners many times, making them a 'breed apart' in the news media.

The rampant fascination with castration is just another item successfully promoted by those with an agenda that would surprise most members of the complacent classes.

It is another red herring in the recipe for the elimination of dog ownership.

Good on BORe for telling it like it is.

Roberta Pliner said...

The section of the New York City
administrative code mandating
spaying or castrating for all
impounded dogs, including those
claimed by owners, was written
by Peter Vallone Sr. (Senior,as
in the father, not the son). The
law was enacted in 2000, and Peter
Vallone Jr. did not join the City
Council until 2002.

Anonymous said...

what all of you people don't get is that the shelter spays and neuters to reduce the number of animals coming into the shelter, the shelter puts animals to sleep and why??? because of irresponsible owners like this gentlemans, yes it is HIS fault his dog got away. so now what?? he breeds the dog and the puppies will end up in the shelters by the time they are six months old because of more irresponsible pet owners who only see a cute little puppy then bring them to the shelter when "i didn't know he would get so big" "he's peeing on my expensive carpet" and other lame excuses. this moron spent 10,000 to get his dog back unaltered he should have donated the money to the shelter. this guy is a pure asshole