Thursday, September 27, 2007

Dog Owner Gulag

in upscale Haverstraw, NY

Are those Dems hoping to drive "undesirables" out of town?

A month and a half before
municipal elections, and Haverstraw's Town Council decides now is a good time to piss off an estimated 70% of the electorate: the voters that own dogs and cats.

Talk about clueless small town bigots elected public servants. Yeesh.

Support of caring pet owners circles the drain

Back on September 24 responsible dog owners got some nasty
news. The Town of Haverstraw, one of the last municipalities in Rockland County, New York without limit laws restricting pet ownership, moved unanimously to dictate the maximum number of dogs law-abiding residents, voters and tax payers are allowed to house on their own private property.

In Haverstraw, the magic number is now . . . four.

"It shall be unlawful to keep more than four adult dogs" on a residential lot.

So rescuers, pet dog owners, dog breeders, or anyone else with more than four dogs . . . you're almost certainly in trouble if you're living in Haverstraw.

Town ordinances allow you to apply for a kennel license, of course. Good luck with that.

. . .oh, and another thing. . .

Haverstraw is reportedly considering
restrictions on cat owners, too.

Then they just might try to enact a breed specific law in a state that prohibits breed specific laws: liability insurance requirements for pit bull owners.

License to kill in Haverstraw: open season on dog and cat owners

Anybody else notice how far a barking dog dispute between a couple of neighbors strayed?

What is the goal of the Haverstraw Town Council, anyway?

What the hell does liability insurance have to do with barking? Haverstraw already has a nuisance noise ordinance on the books, and it covers barking dogs.

Or is the problem that these particiular allegedly barking dogs in one particular home in Haverstraw happen to be pit bulls?

Haverstraw's Town Supervisor (Democrat, running for re-election this November) Howard Phillips' genius defense of the law?

Hey, everybody else is doing it. . .

So Howard Phillips and the rest of the Haverstraw Town Council are lemmings.
Lemmings that don't hesitate to persecute dog owners. Especially pit bull owners.

Six weeks before municipal elections.

My Dog Votes. My cat votes, too.

Devoted pit bull owner and Haverstraw resident Louis Seward votes, too. He's got five dogs and he loves them all.

Dogs are designed to be men's best friends," Seward said, as he watched his dogs basking in the sun in his front yard. "God didn't give us dogs for your neighbor to choose how many dogs you should have. God gave us dogs to have reliable companions.

Mr. Seward has a point.

Louis Seward has never been cited for nuisance noise, sanitation issues, leash law violations. . . .

Did the Town Council decide he must be a gangbanging, drug-dealing criminal anyway? Are they looking for a way to run him out of
upwardly-mobile Haverstraw?

Conduct Unbecoming a Democrat

Democrats had better learn that pet and animal owners aren't looking for draconian,
abusive, destructive laws from their elected officials. They're not too happy with Democrats that line up against law-abiding dog owners, either.

And profiling? Is that what the Democratic Town of Haverstraw council members are indulging in?

You better hope not, Howard Dean. Traditionally Democratic voters, people like Louis Seward and me, don't like that shit.

Not at all.

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bestuvall said...

Someone should play the scene from Sophies Choice over and over again.. what will happen to the "extra" pets....that is the question to ask.. a march with signs.. and pictures in front of city hall..perhaps take all 5 dogs and ask a city officals to come out of their offices ( with a bullhorn) to choose for you.. which one shall be killed..don't forget to take someome with 5 children to ask.. What's next..