Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dogfighting: Does HSUS speak for you?

Baby Dogfight Czars press the flesh at state capitals Humane Society of the United States barnstorms the country Does Wayne Pacelle, and John Goodwin, speak for you? Don't look now, but the world's largest, wealthiest animal extremist organization claims to represent us all as it delivers its twisted message to legislators coast to coast. After insisting for years that nursing pit bull puppies are too dangerous to live, HSUS wants to consolidate its position in the minds of elected officials as the supreme source on all dogfighting questions. It just doesn't get any sicker. Doubletalk and weasel words: Patrick Kwan works the New York crowds Kwan's large travel budget goes without saying. But, impressive T & E funds only go so far. Baby Dogfight Czar Kwan laid a couple of big ones as he struggled to charm. HSUS's relentless campaign in the Empire State includes "Lobbying 101" classes that hammer New York's dogfighting statutes, and presentations to groups like the Ulster County Democratic Women. As they shake their heads over the abuse of kittens and puppies, I wonder if those nice ladies realized that HSUS does not operate a single shelter for the abused pets it claims to champion, despite its over $100 million in assets? Playing footsie with the facts The alternate version of "reality" Kwan puts out as he criss-crosses New York doesn't stand up to scrutiny. For example. . . Kwan and HSUS insist that New Jersey's dogfighting laws are "better" than New York statutes. According to HSUS, New York should copy New Jersey laws. But HSUS doesn't mention that there are four current proposals to "strengthen" New Jersey dogfighting laws. HSUS will keep on promoting the need to "strengthen" laws until pit bulls are "protected" right into extinction. Want to be the world's capital of dogfighting? Get in line. For New York crowds, HSUS's position is that New York is the "world's capital" of dogfighting. Even though New York is a weak contender for the title. In California, it's California that's in crisis. Or maybe the world's capital is North Carolina? After all, according to HSUS, North Carolina is the "hub of professional dogfighting." Or Maryland? Was it was Maryland that's so soft on dogfighting?

Confused yet? That's because there's no substance, no fact, behind any of these HSUS assertions. Caravans of dogfighters on the NYS Thruway You didn't hear about that one? No? Kwan insists that hoards of Jersey dogfighters are swarming to New York -- which of course they aren't, but what the hell. . . Geez. With all that toll revenue coming from New Jersey wallets, New York better leave their dogfight laws "as is." Where's the fire, baby Dogfight Czar? The truth is that New York averaged only four dogfight convictions annually over the last ten years. The ASPCA confirms that dogfighting is not prevalent in New York City. God knows what Kwan, who moonlights as Super Vegan the restaurant critic, has been smoking. And HSUS won't be satisfied until all pit bulls everywhere are dead. HSUS knocking on state Capitol doors When HSUS speaks to legislators, it lies. It distorts. It makes shit up. HSUS claims a membership of 10 million people . Kwan claims 800,000 New York members, or one out of 24 residents. That's enough to get any legislator's attention. . .unless someone mentions to their public servants that HSUS's 2007 tax returns indicate 420,000 members. Globally. Pressure on legislators from animal rights extremists has never been more intense, and it's going to get much worse. Does HSUS speak for you? HSUS will be in the New York state capital, Albany, on March 30. HSUS will be in your state capital soon, too. If they haven't been there already. So, are you okay with puppy slaughter, manufactured "statistics" and the wild imaginings of baby Dogfight Czars? Looking forward to a bunch of new laws based on lies and fear-mongering? Me? I'm damned if I'll allow my elected representatives to assume that the Humane Society of the United States speaks for me.

It doesn't.


YesBiscuit! said...

We are the real humane society. We speak for ourselves and for the pets the Inhumane Society works toward killing.

bestuvall said...

scene one.. Patrick's door
Knock Knock
Patrick : Who's there
Hmmm : Candy gram
Patrick: are you sure?
Hmm : yes .. VEGAN candy gram
Patrick: Ok ( opens door)
hmm: LAND SHARK...
see it was easy.. you can always fool a vegan.
great post.. and I know because was at the HSUS CA "lobby day as a "visitor".. that NY cannot be the dogfighting capital.. because the guy here said WE are the dog fighting capital.. nah.. nah.. nah.. and people are streaming in from other states to fight dogs here..yes MILLIONS of does this guy know.. because he has been to .. and I quote "Hundreds of dog fights" yup hundreds.. how sad is that...??
HSUS.. your donation dollars at work.. sending people to dog fights.. and killing the victims and all of their puppies

Molly Mole said...

Hey! Last year HSUS Felon Goodwin said VIRGINIA was the dogfighting capital. We had Michael Vick, after all. Oh wait, that was before we became the puppymill capital...maybe you can only be one capital at a time. Got 50? Friends don't let friends give to HSUS!

Caveat said...

What irks me the most about all this malarkey is that the Hsus is not elected to speak for anybody but its own membership. It is not a government or law enforcement agency. It is not a humane society. It has no mandate to represent dog owners or to negotiate on their behalf, contrary to what it believes. It's a private special interest group which is entitled to its beliefs but not entitled to push them on everyone else.

What irks me even more is that if all the pet owners clued in and got together, the Hsus would be left swinging in the breeze because we outnumber them about 10 to 1. I firmly believe that the majority of Hsus supporters have no idea of their goals, beliefs or activities but are just buying into the boo-hoo animal welfare propaganda they spout. Much like the suckers who think Peta is an animal welfare group rather than an animal liberation outfit.

There are too many groups working at cross purposes on our side of the battle line whereas the AL crowd all read from the same playbook. Divided we fall and all that and nobody knows it like the Hsus and its kin.

The best outcome would be that the current BOD were dissolved and somebody like Nathan would head up the Hsus. So, how do we make that happen?

PS All this dog-fighting bullshit is just that. Sure, it exists but it's not common - for example, there's none of it in the greater Toronto area, pop 5 million. If some wanker has been to 'hundreds' of dog fights, why hasn't he ratted out the perps? Because that's bullshit too.

I guess it depends on how you define dog fight. To the Hsus and its henchmen, it seems to mean APBT breeders which should be chilling enough to alarm every sane dog owner in North America because 'pit bulls' ain't dogs anymore. Are we the only ones who analyze how that happened and happened so quickly?

Keep up the good work, BDS. You're solid gold.

Abbey said...

I definitely agree with Caveat's comment. The HSUS is a huge organization, and individuals cannot fight it own their own. But if all the individuals and groups could form one organization, we would have a fighting chance. I work with Petland, and we are in the very beginning stages of trying to create an organization called the Society for Responsible Pet Owners. With enough support and members, this could be the organization that gives the HSUS someone its own size to pick on.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how ignorant Abbey's commets are in this blog. Petland (abbey's employer)receives their puppies from Hunte Corp, the BIGGEST supplier of puppy mill dogs in this country. I break my back as a humane society volunteer, walking homeless dogs, bringing them out into the public for adoption events. HSUS has a legislative arm & helps write animal welfare laws in this country. HSUS is part of the solution & Petland is the problem!

Anonymous said...

hsus are a group of vegan dog killing soy huggers . they kill more dogs in a day than all the dog fighters in the world since the beginning of time.i dont have a problem with breeding dogs for money and going to dog shows ,im sorry if i dont want ur crappy mutts from the pound i want a dog with a nice pedigree .the sad thing is where i live we have thirty animal shelters and maybe on shelter for women who are abused or beaten.we dont even have rights for people figured out yet.i wish someone would stick up for the good dog breeders . because they and there dogs are the ones suffeing . a few facts fot people just because u have ur dog on a chain doesnt make you a dogfighter . some dogs will chew right out of a kennel jump a fence or snap a smaller rope or leash the breeders i know keep there dogs on chains to for there own protection from each other and animal control if they are to get loose they fate is sealed . and heaven forbid they have a natural occurring fight over a bone or something and get a few scratches im sayin these arent peeka poos they do have arguments just keep that in mind next time you see a apbt bust punish the deed not the breed