Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Humane Profiling: Caring enough to vilify and discriminate Kentucky Humane Society's kinder, gentler approach to breed extermination The Louisville Courier-Journal coverage reads like a humaniac seduction scene from hell. Just reach for those rose-tinted glasses, and you might almost believe the good intentions. However. . . Kentucky Humane Society is selling out dog owners In 2006 the Humane Society of the United States and Democratic City Councilwoman Cheri Bryant Hamilton (over the opposition of every credible animal-related organization in the country) fought and failed to legislatively profile dog owners and their dogs and restrict or ban "pit bulls" (and a variety of other breeds). KHS is implementing Plan B--the kinder, gentler, breed specific freebie castration approach. Why? KHS says that intact dogs are a "public safety risk". Interesting that KHS's news release didn't address all dogs in Louisville, though. Just "pit bulls." Why else? KHS says there is a "overpopulation" of dogs in the area. Not all dogs, though. Just "pit bulls." What constitutes an "overpopulation", and what created it? The KHS press release didn't say. Crocodile tears for pit bulls While researching for this blog I scanned a year's worth of KHS newsletters. There were pictures of big dogs, little dogs, hairy dogs, houndy dogs, white dogs, black dogs, old dogs, young dogs. . .but not one picture of what was appeared to be a pit bull. KHS's Petfinder listing today doesn't show any pit bulls up for adoption, either. How very odd. This is an organization striving to do the right thing for pit bulls? Where are the pit bulls? KHS seems to deny any possibility of showing pit bulls in a positive light, or as adoptable dogs. Are they only interested in permanently removing pit bulls from the gene pool? Yeesh. Talk about "one generation and out." HSUS Pres and CEO Wayne Pacelle would be so very proud. Kentucky Humane's burned bridges and broken faith with dog owners Last year, dog owners in Louisville watched "humane" organizations conspire in a year-long campaign to make dog ownership a joyless affair in Louisville. As a result, dog owners have 90 new pages of animal control ordinance to contend with, governing everything from permissible leash length on up. They watched them support Cheri Bryant Hamilton and the Humane Society of the United States at every devious turn of that long, long negotiation. The ordinance that was rammed down the throats of pet owners in Louisville may well be illegal. Where was the outrage when the Humane Society of the United States advocated breed specific measures , and profiled some dog owners as "drug dealers, gang members, and anyone else who is looking for a dog to be a status symbol"? Did "humane organizaitons " argue that pandering to the media and fear-mongering is no way to respond to any "overpopulation" issues? Not Really. Unkindest cut of all: profiling entire neighborhoods of dog owners We're not talking status symbols and La-la Land, folks. When the Kentucky Humane Society called out seven Louisville zip codes for extra special attention, and free transportation to the pit bull castration fields. . .that was a whole 'nother field of endeavor. Its called red-lining. Red-lining Louisville Councilwoman Cheri Bryant Hamilton KHS offered free transportation, just for pit bulls, and just for pit bulls belonging to residents of certain parts of Louisville--including Cheri Bryant Hamilton's neighborhood. I wonder how Cheri feels about being lumped in with the drug dealers, gang members and the twisted thrill seekers the HSUS so loves to rage about. Surprise, Cheri! You've just been profiled based on your zip code. How's it feel? I wonder how Cheri's neighbors and constituents feel about it, too. I'd be pissed as hell. Its not gonna be any picnic at Kentucky Humane Society You think those dog owners will happily pack their dogs off for a day under the knife at Kentucky Humane, all alone, like trusting families send their kids to summer camp? Man, I sure wouldn't. Troubling trend: HSUS/DDAL partnering with Animal Farm Foundation, Pit Bull Rescue Central, others Call me crazy, but I have a problem with dog rescue groups that ally themselves with outfits that want to eliminate dogs from the face of the planet. Pacelle's infamous "one generation and out. . .we have no problem with the extinction of domestic animals" doesn't jive with promoting responsible pet ownership. Not at all. Animal Farm is still claiming that HSUS opposes BSL. Even after HSUS's Adam Goldfarb admitted that it in Louisville HSUS advocated breed specific measures. How sick is that? Who's up for the next round of surgeries? Huh? Who else is gonna get free transportation to a permanent exit from the gene pool? Once Kentucky Humane and their pals exterminate solve the overpopulation problem with pit bulls, who's next? What breed is next on the list?

My money is on some kind of retriever. Golden, yellow lab, black lab, chocolate lab, Chessie, Toller, whatever. . .it don't matter. Maybe all of them, what the hell.

Petfinder's always got a batch of bird dogs on offer, and gawd knows, their owners are sociopathic hunters enthralled by bloodlust.

Cyclops eye pointed at. . .who? You? Will the kind and caring folks send their free transportation squads into your neighborhood? Will your zip code be next on the list? Is your neighborhood looking a little "overpopulated" today?

Wanna schedule a freebie castration for next week, maybe? Courtesy of the Humane Society of the United States?

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Calling progressive, liberal Dems! Think there's a reasonable trade off in sacrificing constitutional civil rights and liberties--like private property, due process, equal protection, and privacy--in those new animal protection laws? Do ya? Here's your question, then: Are you ready to surrender your dog? Are you? Cause this dog-owning, civil rights loving, long-time Democratic voter really wants to know. Joe Trippi, gentleman farmer Trippi, the guy who masterminded Howard Dean's internet campaign, has a new gig: Philadelphia mayoral hopeful Tom Knox. Trippi remains one of the most influential Democratic Party strategists in the country, and he lives on a fine little farmette on the Delmarva peninsula, within striking distance of the Capitol Beltway. Trippi family home in the Dogs Deserve Better database? Now, if Tammy Grimes and her vigilante posse ran off with Joe's dog, would he be cool with that? If Tammy creeped in some night and, citing the so-called "good samaritan law" that Trippi's other client, Best Friends Animal Society, is busy pitching to legislators. . .and she helped herself to his pets. . . that would be just fine. Right, Joe? What's a little vigilante justice among friends? Due process is so last season.

If the fine little farm's address popped up in Tammy's database of anonymously contributed locations ripe for raids--not a problem. Right, Joe?

Joe Trippi: Are you ready to surrender your dog?

Senator Patrick Leahy, VT: Big Thumbs Up for Mandatory RFID Microchipping and Spies in the Sky Senator Leahy says he's no friend of domestic spying schemes which may eavesdrop on law-abiding U. S. citizens. So what's he doing supporting NAIS [the National Animal Identification System]?

Eavesdropping? Don't make me laugh. NAIS, in the words of Dr. Mary Zanoni, sets the USDA up with the ability "to subject the owner of a chicken to more intrusive surveillance than the owner of a gun."

You think my dog is a national security risk, Senator? You find a need to surveille my home in order to protect the national food supply? Due to the presence of my one dog?

Will Senator Leahy mind it when NAIS places the global positioning coordinates of his own home in a database? Because it will, if he or any member of his household owns a single cat. Or dog. Or chicken.

Note to Senator Leahy: lay off the sweet green beverage from the little paper envelope, Senator! RFID microchipping is not about homeland security. Its not about protecting the food supply.

Its about making money. Those pharmaceutical companies are set to make a bundle, particularly when they start marketing that database once NAIS rolls out.

Patrick Leahy: are you ready to give up your dog?

Testicle Wars: Marching on to New Mexico, courtesy Democratic head honchos Martin Chavez and Bill Richardson Read it and weep. Democratic Albuquerque Mayor (freshly named to the DNC, by the way) Martin Chavez of New Mexico just made good on his promise to make the land of Dis Enchantment canine gonad-free.

Mandatory castration will be the SOP in the new New Mexico.

Of course, in Chavez's Albuquerque, Animal Control already doesn't have to bother with details like a search warrant if they're investigating an act of "cruelty." Rumors that doggy toe nails weren't clipped this week will suffice. So Mayor-wannabe-governor Martin Chavez, are you ready to surrender your dog? Cheri Bryant Hamilton: can't back-pedal fast enough in Louisville, KY Democratic City Councilmember Hamilton had better put a few miles between herself and the Pet Nazi animal control law she helped the Humane Society of the United States put in place in Louisville.

Things are getting a little difficult for dog and pet owners in Louisville these days, what with 90 new pages of animal control ordinances to comply with.

Has the Metro Animal Services Director been by to personally certify your fencing as now required by law, Cheri? I hope so. We wouldn't want anyone to confiscate your dog because your fence isn't six feet high, or sunk at least a foot under ground.

Cheri Bryant Hamilton: ready to surrender your dog yet?

This is your wake up call, Democrats!

Drop your what-nots and pull up your socks, boys!

This bullshit's got nothing to do with Democratic Party values!

What's so "liberal" about warrantless searches of family homes?

What's "progressive" about vigilantes, and the routine surveillance of law-abiding citizens?

Why is discarding due process rights such a hot item in certain Democratic circles these days?

And are you ready to surrender your dog?

Because its coming to that.

Sooner than you think.