Saturday, March 08, 2008

Humane Society: Cats Make You Crazy

Pit bull owners are drug dealers, but cat owners are demented

Who's next in the extremist war against animal owners ?

Brace yourselves, cat lovers. Your 15 minutes of fame, or infamy, is coming soon.

Living with "too many" cats threatens your mental stability, according to the Washington (D. C.) Humane Society.

After trashing the reputations of millions

of loving dog owners and arranging the forced sterilizations and deaths of uncounted innocent dogs and other pets, Wayne Pacelle's HSUS and their accolytes move relentlessly forward.

Like sharks.

Whisper campaign against cat owners

Like a dead fly hidden in the rice pudding raisins, Humane Society employee Scott Giacoppo slipped the mention of how the ammonia in cat urine causes dementia in humans. He did it
almost casually as he was interviewed by an adoring newspaper columnist.

His fellow "team mate", Best Friends rep Sherry Woodard, agreed whole-heartedly with the startling new information:

The team explained the ammonia odor released from too many cats together is harmful to cats and humans. (Giacoppo said that on a long-term basis, the ammonia can cause dementia in humans. . . .)

New Jersey Star-Ledger columnist
Joan Lowell Smith swallowed it in one tidy gulp and duly reported it back to the public. No questions asked.
Smith must have a master's degree in science, too.

Feeding the internet rumor machine: humane societies just make shit up

So, let's take inventory. Junk science and myth sponsored by the Humane Society of the United States and other "humane societies" :

1. Pit bull owners are drug dealing gang-bangers

2. Tethering causes "aggression" in dogs

3. Michael Vick's dogs needed to die because they were the hopeless products of dog-fighting.

4. Mandatory castration of pets is a good thing

5. Pet overpopulation is a fact, and is caused by greedy tax-cheat breeders

Now we add. . .

6. Too many cats make you crazy

Inventing a mental illness: Humane societies expoit "animal hoarding"

Houston? We have a chicken-and-egg problem.

Are "hoarders" already mentally ill, as Giacoppo suggested?

Or are healthy cat lovers suddenly over-whelmed while changing the kitty litter and tragically slip into madness?

Do "scientists" like Giacoppo and Wayne Pacelle worry about such details?

I imagine that when animal extremists present the findings of their well-documented and peer-reviewed documentation of their new mental disease to the
American Psychiatric Association, questions like these will be cleared up.


Making mental illness a crime

In Democrat-rich New York, where busy state legislators never put down their pencils, they are way beyond the chicken-and-egg issue.

They have moved on to discriminating against the mentally ill.

In the race to be the first on the block with an animal extremist law to boast about, no less that three New York legislators have moved to characterize "animal hoarding" as a mental illness, and make it punishable under New York's cruelty to animals statutes.

The bills' sponsors, like Assemblymember Kevin Cahill (Democrat-Kingston) write that, despite the fact that the new law would be part of New York's animal cruelty
statutes, the concept is to strip owners of their animals, and punish address the medical needs of the criminal animal hoarder, before any animals are actually treated cruelly.

So Cahill envisions prosecution of a pre-crime, criminal, mental illness.

He would take cats and other animals away from their owners, and convict them of cruelty to animals, before the well-known effects of exposure to cat pee manifest themselves.

Animal extremist crocodile tears: This is for your own good

It hurts us more than it hurts you.

Its all so sad.

Liar, liar. Pants on fire.

Don't believe it for a second. The purpose of Giacoppo's remarks and bills like the ones in New York, whether dupes like Assemblymember Kevin Cahill and Star-Ledger columnist Joan Lowell Smith ever realize it or not, has nothing to do with animal welfare.

The purpose is to steadily increase the power of animal extremist organizations. Junk science, civil rights violations, discrimination and scare-tactics are just the means to the end.

Its as simple as that.


Blogger's note: Earlier this blog erroneously identified Scott Giacoppo as an employee of the HSUS. Giacoppo is employeed by the Washington (D. C.) Humane Society, and previously worked for the Massachusetts SPCA. Many thanks to readers who caught the error.