Saturday, November 29, 2008

HSUS Dogfight Czar John Goodwin Fails

Pit bull breeder Pat Patrick acquitted of all charges

Patrick's not guilty of a crime, but his dogs died anyway 

Barely a month since Floyd Boudreaux's acquittal in Louisiana, and Arizona judge John Leonardo tossed out the dogfighting and animal cruelty charges against Pat Patrick and Emily Dennis. 

Oh, my.

How embarrassing for the Humane Society of the United States. 

Fortune in Pima County's eyes

The Patrick prosecution began when HSUS brought dogfighting allegations to the attention of the Pima County Sheriff's department. Did Goodwin dazzle Pima County authorities with tales of how lucrative dogfight prosecutions are? 

Pat Patrick's kennel is located on an attractive piece of real estate. If authorities had successfully gained control under civil asset forfeiture proceedings, the property's value would have covered the cost of all kinds of goodies for the sheriff's department. 

Note to "pit bull" breeders with tangible property: get yourselves a real estate attorney and protect your homes from civil asset seizure proceedings. Do it now. 

Dogfight Czar waddles to the scene 

Goodwin himself showed up at Patrick's kennel during the raid (looking kinda pudgy for a vegan, don't you think?). Cameras rolled. Headlines screamed. Donate Now! emails made the rounds. John Goodwin gave interviews. 

HSUS's "extensive evidence." Not. 

To this day and despite the acquittal, the HSUS website boasts of the "extensive evidence" gathered as HSUS, the Humane Society of S. Arizona and the county sheriff's office swarmed over Patrick's property, gloating that. . .

With the arrests of these dogfighting kingpins, one of the most important underground dogfighting networks in the U.S. has been effectively dismantled. As a supplier of several major fighting-dog bloodlines, Patrick holds a status among professional dogfighters ranking second perhaps only to the infamous Floyd Boudreaux. . . 

HSUS looked forward to a "swift and decisive prosecution".

But just as Floyd Boudreaux was promptly acquitted when he finally got his day in court, the case against Patrick fell into little itty bitty pieces. 

Scorched earth policy: HSUS raids leave no dog standing

Dogfight Czar Goodwin must love the smell of napalm in the morning.

Goodwin & Co. made no plans to hold the Patrick dogs as evidence pending trial. 

Eleven months of "investigating" Pat Patrick -- plenty of time to find housing -- and the world's largest, wealthiest "animal protection" organization made no arrangements to provide for dogs it "rescued." 

Pat Patrick's dogs made for great photo opportunities, though. They were reportedly very sweet, and HSUS exploited their PR value every chance they got. And then HSUS arranged for 94 dogs to die.

This old timer, photographed with an HSUS "rescuer," was seized and killed six months before Pat Patrick even went to trial.  

Patrick, like Floyd Boudreaux, was sentenced to the (permanent) loss of his dogs by the Humane Society of the United States. 

Prior to the court proceedings that vindicated him.

Diane Jessup, who ran the now defunct "LawDogs" program and was imported by HSUS to evaluate Patrick's dogs, took three puppies home with her.

The pups were supposed to be part of the program.

Czar Goodwin even got a little sentimental about it--

It's heartwarming to see these lucky puppies have an opportunity at a better life, while being ambassadors for their much-maligned breed. . .

But Jessup killed the puppies, including this one, all the same.

Must be the season of the bitch

Bad Rap -- the notorious San Francisco pit bull boutique that co-authored and enabled SB 861 and thus collaborated in the incremental extermination of "pit bulls" in California -- picked up a couple of Patrick dogs, too. 

Donna Reynolds, Bad Rap's arrogant queen of double-speak, rationalized it this way

"The system killed the dogs because NOBODY WANTED THEM."

Nobody wanted them? Is she crazy? Pat Patrick and Emily Dennis wanted their dogs. Desperately.

Unproved allegations are lethal to pit bulls
In most states -- Arizona appears to be an exception -- "seize in place" court orders in alleged animal cruelty cases are available.

The animals that are the basis for the charges can lawfully be left where they are -- with court-ordered inspections to guarantee their health and safety -- pending adjudication.
Pat Patrick's dogs had a home. As the court found, there was no ongoing animal welfare crisis at Patrick's kennel. No deliberate, malicious abuse of animals. No dogfighting.
Patrick's dogs--like Boudreaux's dogs--should be alive today.

Did the Pima County Sheriff's office get kissed first? 

Cause they sure got left holding the bag, didn't they?

Will HSUS bail out Pima County if the consequences for killing Patrick's innocent dogs prove costly? Will HSUS come to the aid of LA SPCA, which pointlessly slaughtered the Boudreaux dogs? 

This three year veteran of the Chicago Police Department’s Animal Abuse Control Team thinks the $5,000 bounty HSUS offers for dogfighting tips is a scam.
HSUS is pretty tight with a nickle. HSUS spends money to make money. But that's about it.

This has to stop.

We cannot allow pit bull breeders to suffer the loss of their dogs based on allegations.
HSUS, its cohorts like the Pima County Sheriff's Department, and its apologists -- like Bad Rap -- are turning the country into a police state.

The time to stop it is now, before its too late.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Persecution of Pit Bull Owners Public servants retaliate against breed ban opponents
Participation in the democratic process lands dog owners on the shit list Fear and loathing in Sioux City, Iowa Earlier this year Sioux City, Iowa joined the list of pathetic U. S. municipalities that allow hysteria and political pandering to drive public policy. Sioux City showed that negative profiling is alive and well in the heartland when it moved to ban "pit bulls". Mocha, the pup pictured above, isn't welcome anymore. Incredibly, if members of Mocha's family went to a town council meeting and testified against the breed ban -- exercised their right to freedom of speech, in other words -- they unwittingly made themselves a target for special, selective attention from the city clerk's office, and animal control. Sioux City? Not pet-friendly.

Sioux City already required cat licensing, and it has a limit law in place that allows residents a maximum of two dogs per household. Anti-pet and anti-pet owner ordinances are traditional, it seems. Owners of Sioux City dogs accused of criminal pit bull resemblance, and unable to prove that their dog is NOT a pit bull, have ten calendar days to find a way to get their dogs out of the city. That's assuming the dog owner can afford the impoundment fees and other costs associated with seizure, impoundment and prosecution on charges of looking like a pit bull. Because the first thing the city does is take the dog away from his or her owner. If owners don't have the cash, or don't have a place outside the city limits to stash the dog, then Sioux City will kill him. Or her. Heartless in the heartland: "pit bulls" are born guilty Alleged pit bulls are presumed guilty of the crime of being a "pit bull." The burden of proof lands on the dog owner -- who must somehow "prove" to the city manager's satisfaction that their dog is not a "pit bull." Good luck with that, owners of short-haired, medium-to-large, mixed breed or otherwise unpedigreed dogs. Cause you're fresh out of "proof." It doesn't exist. Putting the squeeze on veterinarians The AVMA veterinarian's oath doesn't include becoming a tool in the extermination of innocent dogs. Local vets balked at making breed determinations that will cause the deaths of their patients, and they're beginning to bail on the city's licensing program. We want to take care of the animals --we don't want to I.D. the ones that are supposed to be banned," said [Dr. David] Ray. Lesson learned: Vets involved in law enforcement are gonna have trouble sleeping at night when collaborating with animal control becomes unethical. Push came to shove pretty quickly in Sioux City.

Will Sioux City vets betray their clients' faith and trust? Or will they disengage themselves from breed profiling?

City clerk collects names, addresses

Elected officials in Sioux City have been going around, taking names.

The names and addresses of residents who testified before the city council against the breed ban were databanked by the city clerk's office. 28 households received an intimidating letter from the city clerk threatening them with a $750 fine for failure to license their dogs.

Only people who testified against the breed ban got a letter, even though--by its own admission--Sioux City's license compliance rate is a dismal 10 - 15%.

Chilling effect on the democratic process?

Ya think???

Sioux City's elected officials apparently thought that abuse of power is okay if the victims are just pit bull owners. Maybe they thought no one would care what happens to drug dealers and gangbangers like Mocha's owners.

But trying to shut down opposition through selective enforcement of the law is a recipe for tyranny.

The Iowa State Constitution includes a Bill of Rights. Section 20 reads. . .

The people have the right freely to assemble together to counsel for the common good; to make known their opinions to their representatives and to petition for a redress of grievances.

So what the hell happened in Sioux City? What were Mayor Mike Hobart and City Manager Paul Eckert thinking?

Rights and liberties in Sioux City

In Iowa, cities with a population in excess of 29,000 people -- like Sioux City -- are required to maintain an independent local civil and human rights agency.

The Sioux City municipal code includes a human rights section, and the Sioux City Commission on Human Rights in on 6th Street.

Dog lovers in Sioux City need to have a conversation with the Human Rights Commission.

Abuse of power, retaliation, intimidation. . .is the daily dose for pit bull owners.

But that don't make it right. I'm not okay with any of this, and I'm betting plenty of Sioux City residents aren't either.

Monday, November 10, 2008

HSUS Stands Up for Property Rights and Dog Abandonment
Gaming the public in Virginia -- extremist media machine doesn't sweat the small stuff All's fair in a media war. Anything to market that core message, and capture the allegiance of Joe the Plumber.
All eyes are on the prize: public opinion.
The rest is chump change, and Wayne Pacelle knows it.
The Humane Society of the United State went out and purchased the professional services of the best public relations firms money can buy. HSUS employs a full staff dedicated to servicing the media and satisfying their needs. HSUS can pay for whatever media share they can't get for free. The Richmond Times-Dispatch is not going to turn down a paying customer.
HSUS and PETA aren't gonna get hung up on petty details, either.
Small details like . . . the welfare of animals. Wayne Pacelle thinks these dogs are better off dead Virginia state codes allow hunting dog owners to enter prohibited lands under limited circumstances, only on foot and only without weapons, in order to retrieve stray dogs.
Contrary to media coverage, Virginia is not alone in protecting the health and safety of hunting dogs by allowing exceptions to trespass laws.
For example, Minnesota and Michigan have similar provisions. So does Louisiana, where exceptions to trespass law also allow access to otherwise prohibited land in order to retrieve livestock.
As others have pointed out, these exceptions to trespass law work to ensure the welfare of animals, and prevent them from becoming a nuisance. To quote Dennis Foster of the Masters of Foxhounds Association of America:
“Any good hunter wants to make sure he takes good care of his dogs, and that he brings them home every time he hunts. . .
HSUS and PETA want the Virginia law struck down. Turns out that the animal protection racketeers aren't interested in making sure dogs get home safely.
Hypocrisy? Opportunism? Words fail. . .
Incredibly, HSUS now claims to be a champion of property rights.
The same outfit that finances and trains privately employed, armed vigilantes to invade the property of fellow citizens and confiscate their private property, now claims that unarmed dog owners looking for lost dogs is a constitutional issue.
What a crock.
Private property and the Humane Society of the United States
The Humane Society of the United States actively lobbies against private property rights through its support of asset forfeiture laws. It endorses the antics of Tammy Grimes, a one-woman crime spree, convicted thief, and trespasser.
HSUS spearheads ordinances which encourage the seizure, and dispersal and/or destruction of animals prior to the adjudication of charges against the their owners.
Funny how not a single media source has picked up on any of this.
R. E. S. P. E. C. T. for property rights ??? I don't think so.

This latest ploy is all about positioning. It comes from a careful analysis of the market, and a plan calculated to appeal to key public sectors.

HSUS understands the power of the media, and developed their strategy accordingly.

Playing the public for fools

People who love their dogs, and love their civil rights, need to wise up. Dogs won't run like the wind any more in Massachusetts, and if something doesn't change fast, they won't in New Hampshire soon, either.

Floyd Boudreaux's dogs are dead, and "pit bulls" across the country are seized and killed just as fast as "humane investigators" can get their dirty hands on them.

We're not talking "media bias" any more. We're way beyond "educating legislators."

At this point, HSUS writes the 6:00 News, and everything else drops neatly into place.

That can't continue. We need to get a shot or two off in the media war.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Blogging Has Its Own Awards Blue Dog State Toots Some Horns That canny Smartdogs' Weblog almost left Blue Dog at a loss for words. A Superior Scribbler Award for Blue Dog State? Blue Dog is honored! Playing by the rules Here are the rules for Superior Scribbler award recipients:

Each Superior Scribbler must in turn pass The Award on to 5 most-deserving Bloggy Friends.

Each Superior Scribbler must link to the author & the name of the blog from whom he/she has received The Award.

Each Superior Scribbler must display The Award on his/her blog, and link to This Post, which explains The Award.

Each Blogger who wins The Superior Scribbler Award must visit this post and add his/her name to the Mr. Linky List. That way, we’ll be able to keep up-to-date on everyone who receives This Prestigious Honor!

Each Superior Scribbler must post these rules on his/her blog.

Feisty is as feisty does

Blue Dog must now pass the award on to five deserving bloggy friends, which was tough. The number of good blogs putting good information on the 'web grows daily. But for now, we're pleased to call out. . . . . .No Pit Bull Bans, a blog that keeps on keeping on. . . .Caveat. Never, ever at a loss for words, even when pole-axed by Fiberals. . . .Tortiball. A cat blog, hereby nominated for honorary pit bulldog status. . . .Lassie, Get Help's Dog Bites: Information and Statistics blog. Excellent use of a blogging platform, plus a huge help to people looking to put out fires in a hurry. . . .Dog Politics. Slash, trash, and bring that message home. DP is the inspiration for many a malicious thought. Go forth and take no shit, fellow bloggers. Things are gonna get worse before they get better.