Saturday, November 29, 2008

HSUS Dogfight Czar John Goodwin Fails

Pit bull breeder Pat Patrick acquitted of all charges

Patrick's not guilty of a crime, but his dogs died anyway 

Barely a month since Floyd Boudreaux's acquittal in Louisiana, and Arizona judge John Leonardo tossed out the dogfighting and animal cruelty charges against Pat Patrick and Emily Dennis. 

Oh, my.

How embarrassing for the Humane Society of the United States. 

Fortune in Pima County's eyes

The Patrick prosecution began when HSUS brought dogfighting allegations to the attention of the Pima County Sheriff's department. Did Goodwin dazzle Pima County authorities with tales of how lucrative dogfight prosecutions are? 

Pat Patrick's kennel is located on an attractive piece of real estate. If authorities had successfully gained control under civil asset forfeiture proceedings, the property's value would have covered the cost of all kinds of goodies for the sheriff's department. 

Note to "pit bull" breeders with tangible property: get yourselves a real estate attorney and protect your homes from civil asset seizure proceedings. Do it now. 

Dogfight Czar waddles to the scene 

Goodwin himself showed up at Patrick's kennel during the raid (looking kinda pudgy for a vegan, don't you think?). Cameras rolled. Headlines screamed. Donate Now! emails made the rounds. John Goodwin gave interviews. 

HSUS's "extensive evidence." Not. 

To this day and despite the acquittal, the HSUS website boasts of the "extensive evidence" gathered as HSUS, the Humane Society of S. Arizona and the county sheriff's office swarmed over Patrick's property, gloating that. . .

With the arrests of these dogfighting kingpins, one of the most important underground dogfighting networks in the U.S. has been effectively dismantled. As a supplier of several major fighting-dog bloodlines, Patrick holds a status among professional dogfighters ranking second perhaps only to the infamous Floyd Boudreaux. . . 

HSUS looked forward to a "swift and decisive prosecution".

But just as Floyd Boudreaux was promptly acquitted when he finally got his day in court, the case against Patrick fell into little itty bitty pieces. 

Scorched earth policy: HSUS raids leave no dog standing

Dogfight Czar Goodwin must love the smell of napalm in the morning.

Goodwin & Co. made no plans to hold the Patrick dogs as evidence pending trial. 

Eleven months of "investigating" Pat Patrick -- plenty of time to find housing -- and the world's largest, wealthiest "animal protection" organization made no arrangements to provide for dogs it "rescued." 

Pat Patrick's dogs made for great photo opportunities, though. They were reportedly very sweet, and HSUS exploited their PR value every chance they got. And then HSUS arranged for 94 dogs to die.

This old timer, photographed with an HSUS "rescuer," was seized and killed six months before Pat Patrick even went to trial.  

Patrick, like Floyd Boudreaux, was sentenced to the (permanent) loss of his dogs by the Humane Society of the United States. 

Prior to the court proceedings that vindicated him.

Diane Jessup, who ran the now defunct "LawDogs" program and was imported by HSUS to evaluate Patrick's dogs, took three puppies home with her.

The pups were supposed to be part of the program.

Czar Goodwin even got a little sentimental about it--

It's heartwarming to see these lucky puppies have an opportunity at a better life, while being ambassadors for their much-maligned breed. . .

But Jessup killed the puppies, including this one, all the same.

Must be the season of the bitch

Bad Rap -- the notorious San Francisco pit bull boutique that co-authored and enabled SB 861 and thus collaborated in the incremental extermination of "pit bulls" in California -- picked up a couple of Patrick dogs, too. 

Donna Reynolds, Bad Rap's arrogant queen of double-speak, rationalized it this way

"The system killed the dogs because NOBODY WANTED THEM."

Nobody wanted them? Is she crazy? Pat Patrick and Emily Dennis wanted their dogs. Desperately.

Unproved allegations are lethal to pit bulls
In most states -- Arizona appears to be an exception -- "seize in place" court orders in alleged animal cruelty cases are available.

The animals that are the basis for the charges can lawfully be left where they are -- with court-ordered inspections to guarantee their health and safety -- pending adjudication.
Pat Patrick's dogs had a home. As the court found, there was no ongoing animal welfare crisis at Patrick's kennel. No deliberate, malicious abuse of animals. No dogfighting.
Patrick's dogs--like Boudreaux's dogs--should be alive today.

Did the Pima County Sheriff's office get kissed first? 

Cause they sure got left holding the bag, didn't they?

Will HSUS bail out Pima County if the consequences for killing Patrick's innocent dogs prove costly? Will HSUS come to the aid of LA SPCA, which pointlessly slaughtered the Boudreaux dogs? 

This three year veteran of the Chicago Police Department’s Animal Abuse Control Team thinks the $5,000 bounty HSUS offers for dogfighting tips is a scam.
HSUS is pretty tight with a nickle. HSUS spends money to make money. But that's about it.

This has to stop.

We cannot allow pit bull breeders to suffer the loss of their dogs based on allegations.
HSUS, its cohorts like the Pima County Sheriff's Department, and its apologists -- like Bad Rap -- are turning the country into a police state.

The time to stop it is now, before its too late.


Barb said...

Will it be possible for the owners to sue - for replacement costs if nothing else - since their dogs were killed?

Anonymous said...

I sure hope so...that is a terrible story and its happening more sadly. Of course dogs in bad conditions are a exclusion to the rule. When dogs are being taken care of the county should mind their own business and leave people alone.

Anonymous said...

The damage is much worse than most folks think. I have no "proof" but rumor (from a very reliable source) told me that at TL Williams' house JP Goodwin was in and out of the house and his office several times, for as long as 10 min. The interesting thing is that you can download a computer's hard drive, and memory onto a memory stick in under 3 min.
TL was the owner of the second largest registry for the APBT and all his registry information was on that computer. Not only that but, the new owner of the AADR has received a message (AR in nature) from the IP addy of this same computer that belonged to TL and was suppose to be in "properties" as evidence at the sherriff's office in Pima County AZ.
Now ain't that a wooping,. The computer that is in evidence at the sherriff's office is sending out messages. Not only that, but why should the H$U$ pay big bucks to folks who say they know Joe Blow is fighting dogs, when they have a full registry of folks. Just pick your "fighter de jour" JP and see where you get. Sooner or later the folks who are busted with this illegal help will be able to get that word to THEIR lawyers and blow H$U$ out of the water.

Anonymous said...

Once upon a time long ago our country had a basis in law called The Constitution of the United States of America. We even had real patriots that pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honors to uphold this substructure leaving America a place we loved and wanted to call home. That was then; this is now when patriotism has no more meaning than any other 98 cent bumper sticker. And it was before politicians as cardboard fronts for multinatonals -- openly for sale to the highest bidder, err, donor, murdered our constitution along with all of the God given rights of three hundred million plus of us in one dark night of perfidy. Our homes were our castles and HSUS hadn't yet perverted or breeched turning those sanctuaries of peace into HSUS public-private hunting grounds...with the targets being us, our every asset we've accrued through life -- and our animals whether pets or food. In a fairy tale, government would do as designed and protect us, our possessions, and our homes from invasion. Instead in today's reality HSUS has become a part of our states out to rape each of us with animals down through goldfish of every last dime of personal assets and constitutionally guaranteed protections. No longer is government our servant. It has become as illigitimate as is its henchman, HSUS, and all other animal radicals.

Anonymous said...

I haven't been laughing but I did have to laugh-- very loudly-- at this! WTF does BR Reynolds know? What she knows is what she TELLS her readers..if someone comes or asks for help because they want to surrender their own pit dog, she tells them to find it a home but if one can't find a home, then have your own vet KILL it. So if she tells people that, do we expect any smart advice out of an idiot like that? NAH. And thanks for saying BR enabled SB861 since it's the truth. Hell, she co-wrote it with Jennifer Fearing. The J. Fearing of HSUS, formerly she was with United Animal Nations in CA.

Anonymous said...
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Caveat said...

Good post. It's too bad the msm is asleep at the wheel (per usual) because people need to know what's really going on.

They have software now that allows you to create a virtual replica of your system. It's complex and I don't understand it but I imagine it would be right up the HSUS's alley.

Has anyone mentioned that Goodwin is a convicted felon in the msm lately?

Don't think this is just about 'pit bulls'. There are many other breeds which are traditionally TRAINED to fight. 'Pit bulls' have just been nicely isolated and their owners dehumanized through systematic propaganda. Read Goebbels's essays some time if you haven't - this whole scene is right out of his playbook.

Owning an animal is a crime in some places and the concept is spreading. As long as everybody keeps yapping about 'pit bulls' it will proceed as planned because like it or not, most people don't give a s**t about 'pit bulls'.

Time to stop preaching to the converted and keep trying to get the message out to the passive audience that gets its info from the msm.

But you all knew that.

Anonymous said...

TL Williams was the subject of a bust in CA. He was found innocent and his dogs were returned not in the condition they went into"protective" care. There were scars, broken and missing teeth, demodex, sores, and the list goes on.

The dogs taken at Pat's were not just his. There were some dogs of a former PP friend that were involved and killed as well. So if you send your bitch to be bred or loan your stud to a friend in AZ be wary. After all Pima County never asked who actually owned the dogs they took.

Anonymous said...

Still on Pet Abuse...boy, I'll bet they hated to update their liabelous page!

Anonymous said...

For those that haven't seen it, I suggest that you look at the FEAR site which is linked on petdefense blogroll. They have articles written by attorneys on how forfeiture is working, and how they get away with it.

Rather than lawsuits, which take forever and produce little to show for it, petdefense is aiming for Grassroots advocacy. One of the big things is the CHOICE to buy a dog before that gets taken away. If that is gone, the rest won't matter.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious about your comments concerning Bad Rap. Specifically, where did you find out they co-wrote SB 861? All information I've gathered suggested they were and are quite opposed to mandatory spay/neuter. I'm not affiliated with them in any way, just curious. If you've got other information I'd love to see it.

Anonymous said...

Here you have it from the horse's mouth:

"Actually, BR did not make any mistakes by re-tooling the preamble language of SB861. We have no regrets -- de-railing the insurance disaster that was imminent with this bill was the wisest thing we could've done for our dogs."


There's more to the comment.

Here's another one from another BR member:

"Michelle, we initially supported AB 1634, the all breed mandatory s/n bill mainly because it had the potential of eliminating CA's current allowance for bsl. But the language got so crazy that we couldn't support it.

Emily, call it what you like but we never came out and supported 861. If we did, we would be encouraging places to implement it instead of promoting voluntary spay/neuter.

It's no secret, so I'll tell you the same thing we told our conference attendees a few years back: We did help cap any potential bsl to mandated spay/neuter only as it related to overpopulation."

Any questions?

BlueDogState said...

LOL! Thanks, anonymous! I had not seen that "we-just-retooled-the-preamble" spin.

Donna, baby, you are priceless.

Only Bad Rap could claim that they don't support mandatory spay-neuter, but they did support AB 1634. That is, Bad Rap supported AB 1634 until it got too watered down for their tastes.

They don't support BSL, but they did work on SB 861 in order to get the wording just right.

Ah, Bad Rap. Deny, deny, deny. . .

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas! Please consider for all--the Crusade against HSUS. See for link, the credibility of HSUS must be hammered down by US because no one will do it for us.Please consider joining and passing it forward to benefit all pet owners/the public. Thank you and congrats on winning your Dog Fed lawsuit!

Freedom Pup said...

Great blog post. Be aware though that the state is still trying to forfeit the Patrick's home under Rico laws. Although there was no crime and therefore could be no conspiracy, try and tell the "law" that.

Also, bluedog can you please delete the comment about me? I do not see what insulting me when I had not posted here, been mentioned or anything of the sort has to do with anything.

I am sure the psycho's at who posted that will be pissed but I'd much appreciate it.

Allie Renar

BlueDogState said...


Post has been deleted -- sorry it slipped through.


Anonymous said...

This makes my blood run cold. I'm mad as hell and I'm not taking it any more. When his dogs are destroyed, my dogs are destroyed. We can not continue to sit and think it is happening to the other guy.

This lady is planning to produce a series of articles for publication to help shine a light on the animal rights cockroaches. She wants information of this type to show how American citizens are being harmed and harassed by these groups. I'm only posting the bottom of her original post. I have friends in CA that are afraid to license their dogs for fear Big Brother will come and take them. Me I just buy more ammo.

"I have a hunch this may evolve into a series of articles, but to begin, I would like to interview those who have been targeted, threatened and harassed "specifically" by AR groups, i.e., phone calls, emails, physical contacts, visits from AC, etc...

Permission to cross-post, and feel free to reply privately.

Tina Perriguey"

Anonymous said...

"Our homes were our castles and HSUS hadn't yet perverted or breeched turning those sanctuaries of peace into HSUS public-private hunting grounds..."

In MS we have a Castle Law. It says that if someone is at your home stealing or threatening you, you can shoot them and it's legal. They don't have to be inside the home. In fact if they are trying to car jack your car you can shoot them with impunity.

Anonymous said...

Well ,due to high number of recent busts of reputable A.P.B.T breeders . I believe that The anti-A.P.B.T supporters are trying to put a dent in the actual genepool of the historical traits of the A.P.B.T, by having them destroyed before thier owners can rescue them or ,that, they can be tested for possible addoption ,and not just trying to stamp out the breed by trumping up bogus charges to convict A.P.B.T breeders.trumping up charges on "Suspected"dogfighters has also been a tactic used by people who feel that the only reason domestic dogs are allowed to live amongst humans today is for companionship,as technology has replaced 'most' of the jobs, of the breeds that were allowed domestication for its contribution to mans survival,such as performance and working breeds,however I feel that they fail to recognize the fact that since man has allowed domestication of the wild canid ,we have also in effect inherited the responsability of having to keep thier poulation under control,having to euthanize the domestic wild canid by the millions across the nation.Do we euthanize our companions?Is the need for man to marvel at the emotions shared by man and domestic dog ,so great that we "man" are willing to kill the domestic wild canid by the hundreds of thousands in order to control its overpopulation ?.I believe that there is more to man having allowed domestication of the wild canid then just companionship.True most jobs required of these dogs have been replaced by technology but their traits can still be utalized by man in the spirit of competition ,and not all the jobs of working dogs have been replaced by technology.Some would also argue that the cruelty involved in performing the tasks that working and performance breeds are made to perform is overly cruel ,but of course they fail to recognize that these breeds having been bred for centuries,have indeed developed traits to help them deal with the overall trauma of the tasks that they are asked to perform,horseback riding for example ,There is nothing in the wild horses natural state that requires it to carry a different species on its back,but due to its importance to mans survival it was domesticated for that use.So trumping up bogus charges against The people who perserve these breeds really hurts society rather then helping it,if man wants to stop overly cruel acts to animals and other problems associsted with the Domestic dog we need not "Punish the Deed or the Breed' but rather engage in intellectual conversation so that we can agree on just what the actuall "facts"are and maybey ,finally we can make some dents in overly cruel acts to animals and problems associated with them.