Thursday, January 17, 2008

Humane Corruption

ASPCA Unleashes Forensic Rent-a-cops

NY City's Agent Orange goes for broke, announcing their very own, cutting edge, state of the art, mobile, pet forensics laboratory.

Drum roll, please!

ASPCA's Agent Orange goes Hollywood

New York City's paid private contractor for animal cruelty law enforcement, the ASPCA, announced its latest bid for the public's love, admiration, cash and donations: a state-of-art, mobile, forensic laboratory dedicated to crimes against animals.

ASPCA Prez Ed Sayres: So excited, just can't hide it

Unveiled on NBC's Today Show--what? Oprah didn't return calls in time?--Ed can hardly contain himself when it comes to the mobile forensics lab.

Ed Sayres' letter to ASPCA supporters reads. . .

As I hope many of you saw this morning on NBC’s “Today” show, the ASPCA today unveiled a “forensics first”—the nation’s first-ever “Mobile Animal Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) Unit. . . .The vehicle will help us to significantly advance the prosecution of animal cruelty in this country. . .

Ed Sayres isn't concerned about the false hopes and unreasonable expectations the "
CSI effect" may cause. His excitement knows no bounds.

Teensy little problem, Ed: Jurisdiction.

The world is not the ASPCA's oyster. Not yet, at least.

The only place the ASPCA has law enforcement authority of any sort is the City of New York. New York City purchased the services of the ASPCA for animal cruelty law enforcement within its five boroughs.

And that's it.

The ASPCA and its privately employed personnel are responsible to a private corporation governed by its own privately-appointed board of directors. While the ASPCA goes to great lengths to
mimic public servants answerable to tax-payers and voters, Agent Orange and its employees are private contractors responsible to a privately-controlled corporation which is effectively shielded from public scrutiny.

Fake public servants on private missions

Despite the deceptive uniforms and dramatic posturing, the ASPCA "humane law enforcement" squad is a bunch of rent-a-cops with no jurisdiction outside of the City of New York and no civilian oversight within it.

So. Did Ed Sayres get it wrong? Or is Agent Orange poised to go national?

By what right, using what mechanism, could a private New York contractor employed by a single city seek to interfere in criminal investigations across the country?

Nostradamus lives in bright blue New York

Maybe Ed Sayres is not a detail guy. Maybe he's an over-excited delusional, and all that talk about a NYC private contractor

changing the face of animal law across the nation is a pipe dream.

Or maybe Ed Sayres is a prophet.

"We, the People" ? Or "We, the ASPCA's Lackeys" ?

The New York State legislature went back into session in early January, dragging with it all kinds of unfinished business from the prior year--including
Assembly bill 1741 and its identical companion, Senate bill S865. These bills
sponsored -- in a well-orchestrated tandem of upstate Republican and downstate Democrat -- by Catskills-area Republican NYS Senator John J. Bonacic. . . .

[Note that Senator Bonacic is a lawyer. He was an Assistant District Attorney in Orange County, New York.]

. . . and Long Island Democrat Assemblymember Steve Englebright.

[Assemblymember Englebright is a geologist by training -- not that ignorance is a reasonable defense in a state assemblymember.]

Public funding. Private masters. Institutionalized corruption.

If enacted, A1741/S865 would authorize district attorneys -- elected public servants employed by the citizens of New York to represent the interests of "we, the people" -- to act in court on behalf of private humane societies like the privately funded, privately controlled ASPCA.

The proposal requires elected public servants to engage in the private practice of law while on the public's payroll.

For obvious reasons, that's illegal in the state of New York.

Illegally greasing the wheels of "justice"

There are a number of other problems with A1741/S865, but here's Blue Dog's question--

New York State Constitution includes a Bill of Rights to protect its residents from unreasonable governance:

The legislature shall not pass a private or local bill . . .granting to any private corporation, association or individual any exclusive privilege, immunity or franchise whatever. [Section 17]

Has the stink of "humane" corruption reached you yet?

Has the reek of exclusive privileges, immunities and franchises granted to private animal rights, animal welfare, animal protection corporations and associations -- both in New York and around the country -- reached your nostrils?

Because the wave of anti animal owner, anti civil rights legislation -- sponsored and expertly lobbied by the Humane Society of the United States, the ASPCA, and others -- will knock you right off your feet.


Anonymous said...

Nice work, you are one of the best investigative bloggers out there.

Keep it up!

belinda rife said...

am a 55 year old SSI disabled women, I went to judge Mary Falvey's court on jan 9 2008 with a motion begging her to let me have community service over the 20 days in jail I have been sentenced to as I have a condition known as Lymphedema , there is no cure or medicine for this condition only control of it , I wrap my feet and legs down each nite with what look like ace bandages .I will not be allowed to have my wraps in jail Ihve them on a prescription I have no priors never in my 55 years have Ihad any contact with the law , without my wraps I face disfigurement and lympedema can be pretty ugly ,We three women in our 50's became involved with the canton municipal court in 2006, we were running a rescue barn for dogs in waynesburg Ohio it hit the papers front page resository Oct 1 2006 they said we neglected dogs not properley caring for them, What happened in reality was a jelouse Inhumane society who saw a privite group growing and takeing a bite out of their donations On aug 25th of 2006 the Strak county Inhumane Society along with Magnolia Police dept and county dog warrden entered our 503c1 barn with out A WARRANT ,then beat kicked and strangled six of our dogs to death. The trial was a sham we were not allowed and expert witness to examine dogs on our behalf our dirty lawyer Ronald gatts did ask twice for this but judge let motion lay unanswered and took us righton to trial without it . prosecutor Derek mcclowery mis represented facts of barn entery as not only were they in day of raid with no warrant but day before also by magnolia police report with NO WARRANT
1. they said we had no water in barn for animals yet Ihave there own pictures which shows that not only did prosecutor lie to jury but so did allof his witnesses .I could go on and on with all of the details of the injustices that happened in this courpt court. Iam back in court with post conviction motions hopeing and praying to stay out of jail. Candy Martin an RN with Aultman Hospital has already spent 30 days in jail,as we were all 3 placed on 2years probation. When they raided barn it left no where for animals to go so joan and candy took some of their animals to their home this was a breaking of a city ordinance which by the reading of their own ordinance should have been no more than a 100.00 fine but Candy got another 10 days in jail for it Joan Fisher who also broke a city ordinance had a 75000.00 dollar bond placed on her thats seventy five thousand dollars not a typeo . We are now considered a GANG and are not allowed to speak or be in contact with each other ,all of our homes have been searched looking for dogs even though, we were never told we could't have dogs ,but Canton just got a big Federal grant for control of gang activity this is how their useing it. The only reason Ihave not yet gone to jail is case is at Ohio Supreme court on Warrantless search issue case no.2007-2007 and 2007-2004 heres our trial court numbers type in canton municipal court 2006CRB3978 2006CRB3979 2006CRB3977 .While in jail Candy and Joan met all sorts of minor infractions of the law the jail is over flowing with people on the floor on mats who can not get medical needs , food is uneatable. By the way president of the INhumane society is Nancy Rienbold who is also the chief deputy clerk of courts and wife of Judge rienbold as part of regular sentenceing the judges of canton municipal court are forceing defendants to donante large bags of dog food to the INhumane society .While awaiting prosecution of her breaking of the city ordinance Joan Fisher noticed a large stack of bags of dog food 4by six feet in length along with bleach and paper towles and ask is that for the humane society ,"Sure is ," said prosecutor by the way Joan Fisher spent 60 days in jail for this breaking of a city ordinance. her animals were dangled out of her home on the end of a rabies pole ,we do not know where they went,have been unable to locate them . please go to my web site to see what my little dog Charlie looked like after their raid http// This INhumane society is conducting raids without WARRANTS with the blessings of a conflicted court , killing the animals then chargeing the victims then bragging how conected to the court they are and how they always get their conviction .Belinda Rife 330 645 0708

Anonymous said...

Animal whackos pretend the US Constitituion and Bill of Rights do not exist as do their corrupt enabling political pocket stuffing friends. While the whacko groups are about eradicating all domestic animals which constitutes a true global terrorist threat to all animals and all humans, they are also cruel to all animals and humans. It isn't cruel to set out to eradicate all domestic animals? Were any of us to state in public we were out to eradicate humanity and took steps to do so, we'd be locked up for life to protect society against our psychopathological agenda. What's sauce for the goose needs to be applied to the gander. These increasingly dangerous nuts need to be removed from society and all contact with animals permanently. And issue 5 tickets anywhere the ASPCA and HSUS raid rigs are parked.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Rife

My condolences. If I was wealthy and a lawyer I would hop on a plane and tear that corrupt local government apart.

This whole country suffers while corruption runs rampant.

Anonymous said...

Denver says they dont kill dogs now, they send them to a rescue. so they say?

Anonymous said...

ASPCA Humane Law Enforcement is a crock. They have the right but not the responsibility to enforce the law. If you call the City of NY to complain about animal cruelty, they refer you to the ASPCA. The ASPCA does not answer the phone on weekends or evenings. This is just abdication of law enforcement responsibility by the City and the ASPCA to a non-profit group. Huh? The ASPCA has no oversight, no accountability, no transparency. This is just plain unconstitutional.

Anonymous said...

Well. Candy and Joan are still at it. They have another rescue that is HORRIBLE. These women should never be allowed to own dogs or cats...!!!