Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pit Bull breeder Floyd Boudreaux Acquitted of Dogfighting Charges HSUS's fly-by "evidence" leaves judge unimpressed Phantom probable cause, bogus search warrant During Boudreaux's long-delayed trial on dogfighting charges, Louisiana State Trooper Jacob Dickinson testified that the search warrant used to raid Boudreaux's property, and seize and kill his dogs, was based on what he saw as he flew over Boudreaux's property. Dickinson testified that he saw treadmills and a "dogfighting pit" on the Boudreaux property from his perch high above, in a helicopter supplied by U. S. Customs, part of the Department of Homeland Security. HSUS led the charge against 70 year old Floyd Boudreaux The 2005 raid was carried out in coordination with the Humane Society of the United States, working with the Louisiana SPCA. HSUS supplied five investigators and animal handlers to assist in the raid. Wayne Pacelle proudly highlighted HSUS's role: The arrest of Floyd Boudreaux should strike a devastating blow to the underground world of dog fighting. . .The HSUS is proud to work with Louisiana State Police, Louisiana SPCA and federal agents to disable Boudreaux's operation. Uh, Wayne?

When Floyd Boudreaux finally got his day in court, the charges were quickly dismissed.

There was no evidence that a crime had been committed.

Phantom treadmills, phantom "dogfighting pit" When the cops arrived at the home of the Boudreaux family, they didn't find any treadmills. No fighting pit. The prosecution could not produce a single witnesses able to testify to the presence of treadmills, or fighting pits on the premises.

To this day, the HSUS website insists that treadmills were found on the property. But court testimony says differently. No evidence of illegal wagering on dogfights was produced by the prosecution. The dastardly break sticks confiscated during the raid did not appear to have been used.

They did find "pit bulls", though.

Dead dogs tell no tales Floyd Boudreaux's dogs were killed by the Louisiana SPCA within 24 hours of the raid, according to testimony given in court.

All of them. Even the puppies. The veterinarian that examined the dogs before they were killed acknowledged that the injuries she noted on some dogs could have been caused by something other the dogfighting. Why kill all those dogs? What was the rush? Was it because Boudreaux didn't have the cash Michael Vick had? Was it because there was no money to be made in allowing the Boudreaux dogs to live? The dogs should have been the prime evidence in a dogfighting prosecution. Instead, they disappeared forever. Before any questions could be asked. No evidence. No case. No lawful prosecution. Back in the day, when Boudreaux was raided and his dogs were killed, HSUS's Dogfight Czar John Goodwin's joy knew no bounds. "Today marks the day the 'don of dogfighting' has come down. This man is legendary in the dog fighting world," said John Goodwin, deputy manager for animal fighting issues with the Humane Society's national office. "... This man has been on our radar a long time."

HSUS and LA SPCA on the radar screen

Floyd Boudreaux's dogs are all dead. His money is gone. His family has been through hell.

Its not easy to stand up to the Humane Society of the United States and its cronies, but Floyd and his family were vindicated today.

Let's hope the Boudreaux family succeeds in settling a few scores, too.


Anonymous said...

The truth will set you free...well sometimes. Lately, the truth is what H$U$ and Pacelle can get enough people to believe!

Thanks for honest reporting!

Pacelle is the incarnation of the proverbial anti-christ. He's good looking, likeable, believeable and the sheeple follow him unquestioningly. He has expanded his "franchise" beyond the realm of the US - confiscating and importing foreign puppies for resale under the auspices of H$U$ Intl, based in Costa Rica (Hey, didn't the US government just apply for an extradition order to the government of Costa Rica because the fugitive animal rights TERRORIST and "Vegan Death Squad" leader Daniel Andreas San Diego was hiding out there...?)

World domination through controlling our use of animals?(Think FOOD SUPPLY...)

Sure makes me wonder what they REALLY do in the name of "kindness".

If Wayno and H$U$ run a not for profit charity, then how in the hell did they get the DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY to requisition a GOVERNMENT HELICOPTER to spy on a dog breeder???

Are they part of a government agency? How many palms do they really grease with that "not for profit" war chest? Remember, a "charity" must be for the public benefit and I see my tax dollars being squandered time and time again by their fingerpointing...Is our government a pawn - or a willing participant?

Apparantly our Constitutional rights have gone down the toilet with the Patriot Act!

Anonymous said...

Now it's time for the villified owner to sue HSUS, the cop, and the state out of what passed for their brains. There is no immunity for illegal acts and the court verified these actions had illegal basis. As a dog owner I'd be glad to contribute to a suit. The only clothing that would do justice to HSUS "brown shirts" are stripes seen behind bars.

Anonymous said...

Yes, he needs to "be made whole - IF that is even possible) and a federal lawsuit is in order. I know hundreds that will contribute but every penny will count and it will be expensive...Remember, the criminals here are the takers and they have millions to manufacture a defense.
Check out a website called :

Now, the key is to NOT lose momentum. Blog, press release, send letters to the editors of the newspapers in LA and elsewhere. Especially in places that have been called hot beds of dog fighting by the H$U$ non-experts/criminals like J P Goodwin. Clear the names of succesful and reputable breeders like Floyd. Round two is coming (possibly in the next few weeks) with other innocent H$U$ victims like Mr. Patrick, Mr. Smith, and Mr. Williams, etc. The media isn't covering acquittals so WE must beat the drum until they publish the truth.
Please review these great articles:

emilysilversage said...

BadRap Donna points out on their blog that the law that permitted the slaughter of the dogs remains in place:

(2) The legislature finds and declares that fighting dogs used or employed in violation of R.S. 14:102.5 are dangerous, vicious, and a threat to the health and safety of the public. Therefore, fighting dogs seized in accordance with this Section are declared to be contraband and, notwithstanding R.S. 14:102.1, officer may cause them to be humanely euthanized as soon as possible by a licensed veterinarian or a qualified technician and shall not be civilly or criminally liable for so doing. Fighting dogs not destroyed immediately shall be disposed of in accordance with R.S. 14:102.2. - LA State Animal "

Though the word "MAY" (rather than "shall) provides an out, which we can only pray will be invoked the next time.

Caveat said...

Woo. Can you say civil suit? They wiped out his line, that was the intent. No aerial photos of what they 'saw'? Why is the govt supplying equipment and personnel to a private charity?

Great reporting, BDS. I'll be linking this later.

BlueDogState said...

"fighting dogs used or employed in violation of R.S. 14:102.5 are dangerous, vicious, and a threat to the health and safety of the public. Therefore, fighting dogs seized in accordance with this Section are declared to be contraband and, notwithstanding R.S. 14:102.1, officer may cause them to be humanely euthanized"

This is an example of a guilty-until-proven-innocent law.

As it turns out, the Boudreaux dogs were not "fighting dogs". . . yet they were dead before Floyd and Guy Boudreaux were even arraigned on charges. A sequence of events which completely, totally, insanely, stripped the Boudreaux of their due process rights.

Its clear LA SPCA and HSUS couldn't care less about such small details.

Was the intention of the Louisiana legislature to allow citizens to be permanently relieved of their property PRIOR to court proceedings?

Boudreaux lawyer Jason Robideaux is quoted in later news coverage to the effect that, in his opinion, the dogs were killed illegally. More power to him.

We need an ACLU-for-dog-owners like, yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Actually, there are TWO contradictory laws on the books in Lousianna. Several years ago, Cherie Graves of RDOWS wrote to (and was published in) the ADBA "Gazette" magazine asking for assistance in getting a ruling on which law was to prevail. She told me personally, that not one single person besides myself responded to her plea for help. (Neither one of us is a LA resident with legal standing to challenge...)The Endangered Breeds Assoc. which is based in LA and claims to be an advocate for the APBT breed (all the while hoarding thousands in donations in untouchable certificates of depost...)has nevered even attempted to organize a legal challenge to this unconstitutional statute in the very state their supporters and some board members reside. The U.S.Constitution is the supreme law of the land, (pay close attention to that FACT, sorry BADRAP).

Now, Mr. Boudreaux told me himself, less than an hour ago that he has photos of LSPCA loading his dogs into a NON-REFRIDGERATED truck, covering their cages with sheets and boards, before putting in subsequent rows of kennels...Euthanized over 48 hours??? THE DOGS WERE SUFFOCATED BY THE TAKERS!!!When this carefully stashed evidence comes to light, it will show that LSPCA committed perjury, by saying that the truck was air conditioned...
Don't believe me - just foia the court testimony yourselves. No wonder Laura Maloney moved to Australia.
Will there be justice for these poor dead dogs? Not from the LA Atty. General, cause rumor is that "Buddy"'s campaign was heavily financed by HSUS PAC. Gee, I guess that explains why the investigation over H$U$ fundraising fraud (or the missing narcotics and intake logs etc.)regarding hurricanes Katrina and Rita has been sand bagged...I still remember EDNAH (Every Dog Needs a Home). Do you?

Anonymous said...

HSUS and the LA SPCA should be ordered by the courts to give the Boudreaux family money in the amount that they claimed the dogs and the falsely accused Boudreaux were worth. They falsely painted a picture to the public that these dogs were worth incredible amounts of money and labeled Floyd as some kingpin of dogfighting. That would be a good start but not even close to the amount of money they deserve for pain and suffering. Furthermore bring all those involved in making any decisions to destroy the Boudreaux's property and slandering Floyd and Guy Boudreaux whom were still innocent to justice by prosecuting to the fullest extent of the law.

Anonymous said...

Right now there is a petition to RETRY this case being circulated among the bleeding heart rescuers. You know the ones, any dog is better with them or dead than living in its home. Face it, they are still buying the PR that was generated about the family by the LSPCA.

What happened to the double jeopardy laws? Are they wanting to give those rights up too? Or is it only when the correct outcome isn't the one they wanted?

Freedom Pup said...

I applaud your coverage of this event. Mr. Boudreaux is indeed a good man. Since our inception, earlier this year has been sending donations to Floyd in small amounts to help him save up for what we knew would be a good win- leading to a very good lawsuit.

I encourage anyone who can to send money to Floyd and Guy.

I have the PO Box address for anyone who is willing to help them. Much of our raffle proceeds has gone to help this great family who we knew was innocent, despite the defaming media coverage they received.

Please do more than just supporting him from afar. . Send him your monetary support so that he may continue to retain a lawyer and take these criminals to court!

Anonymous said...

I own a pit bull that is of the boudreaux blood line.With that I have tried my best to do all the research I could on him bloodline so that I could better train him to be a well rounded,loving,yet protective family member.I believe that whatever the boudreaux family has done they will have to answer for it as we all will one day.I do know that my Boomer is an amazing pit.He his a true family member and all who meet him love him.And he loves them!!

Anonymous said...

Those poor dogs... This story has made my blood boil ever since it came out. Even if they were used for fighting, all could have been placed in good homes - just like the Vick dogs. My heart goes out to Floyd and his family for this terrible loss. If I wasn't so broke I would send him some money. I hope he can gather some of the dogs he previously sold and rebuild the bloodline. God bless you Floyd, and to Hell with those bums that murdered your dogs.

Anonymous said...

They will be sued for destruction of the bulldogs and Mr Boudreaux will win the case. Poor dogs are still dead but the stupid people that killed them are still alive out there planning their next campain to save a chicken or something. Mama always said the world was full of stupid people I guess she was right after all.

Anonymous said...

this is bullshit , there was no need to put these dogs down they could have been retrained and placed in new homes they knew what they were going to do to these animals before they left with them
it's bullshit and there was no reason for it. If it was me i don't think that i could have stood up to the way the state has
tried to destroy this family & it's lifestyle .

admin said...

The recent ruling in Louisville would provide ammunition for a lawsuit against these people.

There is no "statute of limitations" on civil rights

Anonymous said...

I think the HSUS did exactly what they ment to do.They killed his dogs.You can't put a price on a line of dogs that took a life time to produce.At the very least the people resposible should loose there jobs and mr.Boudreaux should be able to name the price of repayment.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely they did exactly what they intended. Thier intent was to kill the dogs nothing else & were aided by our goverment to accomplish thier mission.

Anie French said...

After reading endlessly for 2 whole days on the HSUS because they are trying to get Proposition B passed here in Missouri, I can't even believe all of the illegal things this organization has gotten by with. They probably did not kill all of the dogs but are somehow making money on them. Now that the breed is VERY rare, they will be worth a lot.