Tuesday, December 21, 2010

ASPCA Hires Dogfighter

while $50,000 Buys an HSUS Make-over for Michael Vick.

It's coming on Christmas, but we're gonna get nothing but moral turpitude from "humane" animal extremist flagships like HSUS and ASPCA.

The ASPCA Proudly Welcomes Confessed Animal Abuser

Terry Mills, diplomatically described as an "animal fighting specialist" in the ASPCA's press release, was recently hired by the private, non-profit corporation to "collaborate" with publicly-employed law enforcement personnel and "spearhead" dog and cockfighting investigations conducted at public expense.

With a mission to supplant the function of public servants who ultimately are responsible to the tax-payers controlling their jobs, Mills' function runs parallel to that of the ASPCA's fraudulent forensic animal "expert" and puppy thief, Melinda Merck.

Mills will be "training" law enforcement personnel, and public funds will cover the cost.

Terry Mills had retired after 30 years with the Missouri State Highway Patrol when the ASPCA picked up his contract.  According to the ASPCA, Mills' prime qualification was an 18 month stint "as an undercover officer, gaining access to the underground world of organized dog fighting and collecting extensive evidence."

But let's take a closer look at what Mills really did during his 18 months of "collecting extensive evidence."

ASPCA blows off felony animal cruelty

Mills had way, way more than mere "access."

By his own admission, to further his work he acquired 40 American Pit Bull Terrier dogs, and about a dozen puppies.  He conditioned them for the purposes of fighting, trained them for the purpose of fighting, and transported them to fight venues.  

He deliberately -- and call me crazy, but I believe this was malicious -- fought them.

A number of Mills' dogs died as a result of the injuries they sustained in the fights Mills arranged.

Mills abandoned the surviving dogs when the investigation concluded.

How "humane."

Funny how the ASPCA didn't mention any of this.

Do the ends justify the means?

Maybe.  If the "ends" are career enhancement and a certain amount of personal glory.

In 2009 the various personalities involved in "dogfighting for the greater good" --Terry Mills, his partner Jeff Heath, the ASPCA's  Tim Rickey, and Kyle Held of the Humane Society of Missouri -- were all named the ASPCA's Law Enforcement Officers of the Year.

Do I hear a "woo-hoo!" out there?  No?

One of Mills' prime cohorts in the humane dogfight ring, Tim Rickey, left the Humane Society of Missouri to become the ASPCA's senior director of field investigations and response.  He'll join fellow immoral "humane champions" Melinda Merck and Chris Schindler, the bastard who agreed in court testimony that unweaned pit bull puppies are "too dangerous" to live.

And Mills just got himself hired by the ASPCA. 

These people are in like Flynn -- rolling in the clover.

Laura Maloney, ASPCA alumnus and veteran pit bull killer, already moved on to the HSUS.  Greener pastures, dontcha know?

The $50,000 Price-tag for the Redemption of Michael Vick 
O, Wayne, where art thou?

Vick and his humaniac controllers put down $50,000 cash money for the purpose of cleansing Vick's soul reputation.  

And Wayne Pacelle and HSUS snatched it up. 

No questions asked.

Pacelle, who lost no time in using Michael Vick's infamy as a factory fundraising tool,  all the while calling for the death of Vick's dogs, now claims that Vick would "do a good job" as a pet owner.

So how come Vick's not feeling the love ?

Outrage on the internet

Facebook is in flames.  People just aren't happy with the thought of Vick-as-responsible-dog-owner.  Nope.  Not at all.  No amount of "social networking management" is gonna make this go away.
Could it be the pet-loving American public won't be manipulated quite as easily as HSUS and its spin doctors thought?

Are people finally, finally, sickened by all the killing in the farcical name of the "humane" treatment of animals?  Anybody else have a problem with "humane" dogfighting rings?  Cause I sure do.
Will potential donors sidestep that vast sea of holiday-themed "Donate NOW!" bullshit? Will they avoid getting sucked into ethically bankrupt fundraising campaigns?

I sure hope so.


Anonymous said...

Great blog as always.. I really do miss Barb and Dog Politics too. thanks for keeping her blog alive through yours..
ain't it just so funny that the PO PO can train fight dogs, fight them watch them die.. all in the name of "justice" they are some seriously sick puppies those guys..sort of like the HSUS "undercover vids" that take oh say 45 or 50 days to film.. .. heck they could watch abuse all day and night in the name of "humane treatment".
sickos.. every one from top to bottom

Weird Jack said...

I totally disagree with you about Micheal Vick. It's his right to have an animal once he is off probation. Who are you to imply someone should have a lifetime ban on having animals? That's ridiculous. So much for animal owner rights. We have met the enemy and he is us.

Pai said...

"Who are you to imply someone should have a lifetime ban on having animals?"

Last I checked, having an opinion was the right of everybody. He can imply whatever he wants to on his own blog.

Anonymous said...

im not certain as to just how often the comments get checked on here but i just had to comment. when you say Mills 'abandoned' the dogs after the investigation was done...what exactly do you mean? i know there was a large facility in the StL area used to house all of the dogs involved (including siezed animals). i know for a fact that the dog Mills said he would take home in leu of the makeshift electric chair, was immediately treated by a vet as SOON as they were safely away from the fight so as not to blow the ongoing investigation. i KNOW the Humane Society projected that only 15% of the fighting dogs would be able to be saved or adopted yet 40% were able to be saved. although i do not know much about the other people you spoke of (HSUS etc) i DO know the Mills story and am certain you have formed the incorrect opinion of him. nobody likes the method that were used to take down the countless individuals involved in these horrible events but the fact of the matter is; if Mills and the other officers hadnt done the job they way they did, if they had just busted that ONE fight in the grainy video...they would have busted 2-6 breeder/fighters in 1 or 2 states? instead they pull off the largest dog-fighting bust in the nations history and took a large (yet admittedly not large enough) chunk of dog fighters out of commission. all while being able to return many dogs to an adoptable state and providing a template of what TO and NOT TO do if another investigation were to take place with other officers in the future. as a dog lover who like you DETESTS seeing animals in any pain...im greatful for the work they did and now continue to do with the ASPCA.

minch54 said...

What good does it do to hire someone who actually sets up, trains, transports and allows dog fighting to HELP other animals??? I'm so confused. This guy doesn't really care about animals - am I wrong to think he might be in this for himself & the money?? The dogs, especially Pit's don't stand a chance in this area. So very SAD!!